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Di Kats Der Payats: The Cat In The Hat (Yiddish Edition)

 : Di Kats Der Payats: The Cat In The Hat (Yiddish Edition)

Medio: Hardcover
Marca: Brand: Yiddish House Llc
EAN: 9780972693905
Edition: First Edition (US) First Printing
Características: Hardcover Book
ISBN: 0972693904
Item Dimensions: 950500700
Etiqueta: Yiddish House/Ben Yehuda Press
Languages: YiddishPublishedEnglishOriginal LanguageYiddishUnknown
Fabricante: Yiddish House/Ben Yehuda Press
Cantidad de Medios: 1
Número de Páginas: 64
Fecha de Publicación: Agosto 30, 2003
Editor: Yiddish House/Ben Yehuda Press
Estudio: Yiddish House/Ben Yehuda Press

  • Hardcover Book

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Product Description:
Es gist nokh a regn.
S iz kalt un z iz nas.
Gezesn in shtub.
Gekukt af der gas....

Thus begins the classic children s book of a rainy day turned into chaos by a hatted cat finally in Yiddish.

Featuring the illustrations of Dr. Seuss, with the words translated into rhyming mamaloshen by Dr. Zackary Sholem Berger.

Der Katz der Payatz captures the words, rhyme scheme, and spirit of the original. Its text is written in both alef-bais and transliteration, and there s an alphabet chart to help those not yet proficient in Yiddish.

So, nu? Invite the magical, Yiddish-speaking cat into your house and library today! What are you waiting for?

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