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Yiddish Songs

 : Yiddish Songs

Calificación de Audiencia: NR (Not Rated)
Medio: Audio CD
Marca: Alberstein, Chava
EAN: 0724352051427
Item Dimensions: 4550022575
Etiqueta: Blue Note Records
Languages: EnglishUnknown
Fabricante: Blue Note Records
MPN: 724352051427
Número de Discos: 1
Cantidad de Medios: 1
Fecha de Publicación: Noviembre 18, 2004
Editor: Blue Note Records
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Febrero 01, 2000
Estudio: Blue Note Records

Disco 1:
  1. Averml The Con Man
  2. A Tale Of Woe About A Jewish King
  3. The Gypsy And His Fiddle
  4. Spring
  5. Under The White Stars
  6. The Partison's Song (Never Say This Is The End Of The Road For You)
  7. The Song Of Kishinev
  8. On The Road There's A Tree
  9. Three Little Sisters
  10. Daisies
  11. Have A Good Time, Little Children
  12. Hamavdil
  13. Rabbi Tam
  14. Childhood Years
  15. Rivkale
  16. Dona Dona
  17. Yanke'le
  18. By The Fireplace
  19. Melache - Meluche
  20. Summer's Day
  21. Raisins & Almond
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Product Description:
Songs of Life, Love and a World Gone by from the Premier Voice of Yiddish Culture in Israel and the World. She Performs Old Songs and Even Set Yiddish Poems to Music for the First Time, Providing a Bridge to a Vibrant Culture.

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