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 : Tevye

Medio: DVD
EAN: 0800821021006
Edition: Restored by NCJF
Formato: NTSC
Etiqueta: National Center for Jewish Film
Languages: YiddishOriginal Language
Fabricante: National Center for Jewish Film
Número de Discos: 1
Cantidad de Medios: 1
Editor: National Center for Jewish Film
Código de Región: 1
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Octobre 10, 2004
Duracción: 96 minutes
Estudio: National Center for Jewish Film

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Product Description:
In Yiddish with Restored English Subtitles
This award-winning Yiddish feature filmstarring the renowned actor Maurice Schwartz is now on DVD. This classic film, preserved from the original nitrate negative with new English subtitles has been digitally restored and augmented with extras and program notes.
TevyeMaurice Schwartz's adaptation of the classic Sholem Aleichem play centers on Khave, Tevye the Dairyman s daughter, who falls in love with Fedye, the son of a Ukrainian peasant. Her courtship and marriage pit Tevye s love for his daughter against his deep-seated faith and loyalty to tradition. The clash between tradition and modernity, parental authority and love, customs and enlightenment are foreshadowed by the antisemitism of the rural community. Tevye's world is a microcosm of the larger world of Russian Jewry in the early 1900s. The DVD extras include scenes from two Schwartz Yiddish language feature films, Yizkor and Uncle Moses, and program notes.

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