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Mark Lavie

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MARK LAVIE has been covering the Middle East as a news correspondent, analyst and author since he moved to Israel in 1972. Most of his work has been in radio news, starting as an anchor and reporter for Israel Radio's English-language news service and continuing as Middle East correspondent for radio networks including NPR, NBC, Mutual, and CBC in Canada. He won the New York Overseas Press Club's Lowell Thomas Award for “Best radio interpretation of foreign affairs” in 1994. In 2014 he wrapped up fifteen years with The Associated Press, where he served as a reporter and editor for the news agency’s print service and Middle East Correspondent for AP Radio and its 850 stations in North America. In 2009, he began splitting his time between AP’s Jerusalem bureau and its Cairo regional hub. He moved to Cairo in 2011 and lived there for two years, experiencing Arab Spring first hand. His first book, “Broken Spring,” is based on those experiences. His second book, “Why Are We Still Afraid?” is a personal look at 46 years of Israeli history, and it comes to a clear and surprising conclusion. Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Mark graduated from Indiana University with a degree in political science in 1969. Mark is married with four children and eleven grandchildren. He is an Orthodox Jew who sometimes leads services in his local synagogue and sings in two synagogue choirs. For more biographical details: marklavieauthor.com

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Like many others, I was caught in a traffic snarl because of the protests by Ethiopian-Israelis, blocking roads after an off-duty Israeli police officer shot and killed an Ethiopian-Israeli teenager. Luckily, I’m retired, so...

Israel debería ayudar con la seguridad judía estadounidense

La seguridad, personal y comunitaria, es lo más importante para los judíos estadounidenses, después de dos ataques terroristas fatales en el último año. Esa es mi conclusión de una gira de conferencias de 16 días...