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Canal Conflicto Franja de Gaza - Ataques de Qassams

Iranian Grad explode onto Korkvedos family’s home Netivut

Tuesday 20/11/12, 3:30 PM, An Iranian Grad missile fired from Hamas Gaza regime, exploded onto Korkvedos family's home in Netivut.The missile exploded straight through...
Duración: 1:08 Minutos Fecha: Nov 21, 2012

Grad Attack on Ofakim

Duración: 0:58 Minutos Fecha: Ago 25, 2011

To their memory

Memorial Album for Victims of Terrorism in Sderot and the Western Negev
Duración: 10:26 Minutos Fecha: May 8, 2011

Nahal Oz Rocket Attack on a School Bus 7.4.11

Duración: 0:28 Minutos Fecha: Abr 10, 2011

Qassam rocket fired at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport?

In Gaza, it took Hamas 10 years to threaten Tel- Aviv. How long will it take Hamas to threaten Ben Gurion airport with only 1...
Duración: 2:28 Minutos Fecha: Mar 28, 2011

Iranian grad strike Be’er Sheba

Duración: 1:01 Minutos Fecha: Feb 24, 2011

Sderot: The Calm Before the Storm

Sderot residents, battered by thousands of rocket and mortar shell attacks over the past 10 years, are bracing for a new escalation from Hamas-controlled...
Duración: 2:02 Minutos Fecha: Ene 10, 2011

Qassam attack on Israel – 21/12/2010

Duración: 0:58 Minutos Fecha: Dic 21, 2010

Gaza rocket kills foreign worker on Israeli Kibbutz, March 18, 2010

The fifth rocket attack from Gaza in the past 48 hours, killed a 23-year old Thai foreign worker, Monny, late Thursday morning, March 18....
Duración: 3:19 Minutos Fecha: Mar 18, 2010