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Canal Salvemos la Música - Canciones Traducidas al Yiddish

All of me – cover – Lecha Dodi – לכה דודי – Muzika (Refael...

'Lecha Dodi' lyrics on 'All of me', one take live recording at the Lauderdale House 2015. Performed by Refael Mirila and Asaf Flumendorf for Muzika :...
Duración: 02:49 Minutos Fecha: Feb 18, 2015

A Yiddisher Tango “Tsvey Shvartse Oygn”

A Yiddishe Tango by Jacob Sandler and Mark Chagal http://www.Myzeidi.com
Duración: 2:23 Minutos Fecha: Dic 10, 2009

Mamma Mia en Yiddish

Video from Warsaw Singer Festival 2008ilustrated by Mame-loshn song from KIDS & YIDDISH a Musical Adventure CD.
Duración: 3:33 Minutos Fecha: Mar 9, 2009

Musical peace wishes for the new Year 5768

Hashaná Habá in Yiddish (Kumendike Yor).
Duración: 2:40 Minutos Fecha: Sep 12, 2007

The Barry Sisters – Tropns Fun Regn Oyf Main Kop

Originally known as the Bagelman Sisters, Claire and Myrna Barry were popular Yiddish jazz singers made popular in the 1940s-1960s on the New York...
Duración: 1:24 Minutos Fecha: Jul 3, 2007