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Canal Conflicto Franja de Gaza - Documentales Sobre Sderot

Qassam rocket fired at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport?

In Gaza, it took Hamas 10 years to threaten Tel- Aviv..How long will it take Hamas to threaten Ben Gurion airport with only 1...
Duración: 2:29 Minutos Fecha: Sep 28, 2012

Sderot- The bomb shelter capital of the world

The government of Israel has invested over half a billion shekels to construct 5,000 new bomb shelters in Sderot. By operating in Sderot for...
Duración: 2:55 Minutos Fecha: Jul 6, 2012

To their memory

Memorial Album for Victims of Terrorism in Sderot and the Western Negev
Duración: 10:26 Minutos Fecha: May 8, 2011

Most Dangerous Town in Israel

This pod will examine life amidst the katyushas. The town of Sderot near Gaza is constantly being bombed by Hamas and the citizens simply...
Duración: 6:19 Minutos Fecha: Oct 1, 2009

Two weeks in May – Hebrew

Duración: 12:00 Minutos Fecha: Mar 18, 2009

Two weeks in May

Duración: 12:00 Minutos Fecha: Mar 3, 2009

Post US elections, Israel, Sderot children want missile fire to stop!

The first shield playground in the world.Sderot, Israel.
Duración: 4:48 Minutos Fecha: Nov 10, 2008

For the Sake of Allah

Duración: 30:49 Minutos Fecha: Nov 7, 2008

The “Yaad industries” factory was established January 2007

Despite the ongoing bombardments, the factory's workers and managers continue the manufacturing of products from recycled plastic. Like many of the local small businesses, this...
Duración: 5:15 Minutos Fecha: Mar 15, 2008