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Inicio Conflicto Franja de Gaza Documentales Sobre Sderot


Canal Conflicto Franja de Gaza - Documentales Sobre Sderot

A project of SMC and EuroNews

An 8 minute documentary of Sderot life under fire, over 200 million viewers around the Globe were exposed to Sderot reality
Duración: 8:00 Minutos Fecha: Nov 10, 2007

From the Far-East to Sderot

An intimate journey by Noam Bedein, telling his story, traveling around the Far East for one year and than choosing to move to Sderot.
Duración: 4:35 Minutos Fecha: Ago 19, 2007

"Two weeks in May" - A documentary of Noam Bedein

Documenting 2 weeks where 293 rockets went slamming into the town Sderot- This is an over look view of the rocket reality and it’s...
Duración: 12:04 Minutos Fecha: Jun 13, 2007

Bedein Presentation at the IDC Media Conference

Duración: 5:15 Minutos Fecha: Dic 17, 2006