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Canal Conflicto Franja de Gaza - Hablan los Residentes

Operation Pillar of Defense, the story behind the deadly grad missile attack in Kiryat...

Three dead in rocket attack on Kiryat Malachi, Thursday morning 15/11/12. Three people - two men and a woman - were killed and an...
Duración: 2:29 Minutos Fecha: Nov 18, 2012

15 Seconds in Sderot

for more videos and information http://www.sderotmedia.com
Duración: 2:00 Minutos Fecha: Jun 23, 2012

To their memory

Memorial Album for Victims of Terrorism in Sderot and the Western Negev
Duración: 10:26 Minutos Fecha: May 8, 2011

Most Dangerous Town in Israel

This pod will examine life amidst the katyushas. The town of Sderot near Gaza is constantly being bombed by Hamas and the citizens simply...
Duración: 6:19 Minutos Fecha: Oct 1, 2009

Sderot Children Start the School Year During Third Ceasefire

The children of Sderot start the school year September 1, 2009 during the third ceasefire following Operation Cast Lead. This is the story of...
Duración: 1:59 Minutos Fecha: Sep 2, 2009

SMC Theater Therapy Session

Duración: 1:56 Minutos Fecha: Mar 2, 2009

How Sderot Voted on Israel’s Election Day

As bomb shelters continue to be built throughout Sderot in preparation of future rocket attacks, Sderot residents showed up in large numbers at the...
Duración: 2:41 Minutos Fecha: Feb 19, 2009

How Sderot Voted Last Tuesday

Duración: 2:40 Minutos Fecha: Feb 18, 2009