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NEVER FORGET by Francky Perez

Francky Perez is a Moroccan-born singer whose songs have topped French charts. Just today he released via YouTube an English version of his French...
Duración: 04:21 Minutos Fecha: Abr 5, 2013

Les Meres Juives -Jewish Mothers (French)

Yussef Mustacchi, known as Georges Moustaki, (born in Alexandria, Egypt May 3, 1934) is a singer and songwriter from France of Greek Sephardic origin,...
Duración: 2:38 Minutos Fecha: Abr 23, 2009

Francky Perez And Broadway – Hatikva

Israeli anthem in french.
Duración: 4:34 Minutos Fecha: Abr 18, 2008

Claude Francois – Donna Donna (Le petit garcon)

Il était une fois un petit garçon Qui vivait dans une grande maison Sa vie n'était que joie et bonheur Et pourtant au fond de son cœur Il...
Duración: 2:28 Minutos Fecha: Nov 28, 2007

Dalida – Hava Nagila

Excellent performance by one of the greatest French music icons,. From a 1959 concert in Switzerland.
Duración: 2:52 Minutos Fecha: Jul 1, 2007