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Talking about Qassams: Sderot School Girls in SMC’s Treatment Theater

Duración: 2:14 Minutos Fecha: May 20, 2009

Gilad Shalit Supporters Wait for Hillary Clinton’s Reply

Duración: 4:28 Minutos Fecha: Mar 18, 2009

Two weeks in May

Duración: 12:00 Minutos Fecha: Mar 3, 2009

Pre-Election Debate on Rocket Threat Facing southern Israel

This past Sunday evening, February 1, Sderot Media Center held a pre-election event for the English-speaking Jerusalem public on the issue of Sderot and...
Duración: 7:56 Minutos Fecha: Feb 4, 2009

From Disengagement to Operation Cast Lead

Duración: 5:22 Minutos Fecha: Ene 18, 2009

Qassam causes heavy damage to Sderot home, Thursday January 15

Duración: 3:13 Minutos Fecha: Ene 15, 2009

Joe the Plumber Wants Average Joes to Know the Truth

Duración: 3:56 Minutos Fecha: Ene 13, 2009

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in Sderot 4.1.08

Duración: 5:06 Minutos Fecha: Ene 4, 2009

US Basketball Player leaves Negev Team because of Palestinian Rocket Escalation

Duración: 2:20 Minutos Fecha: Nov 20, 2008