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We have an amazing summer in the works.

Check out our newly redesigned website for a list of programs.

Our courses inspire Jewish students of all ages and backgrounds to reclaim Yiddish as a source of identity, culture and learning. Our approach combines language learning with community-building, organic farming and Jewish education.

Yiddish is a tool for communication, connections, and culture.  Don’t settle for a bisl, your best chance at achieving Yiddish fluency is attending our Summer Program.

Don’t have the time for a 6 week intensive?  We are offering two and one-week programs at the beginning and end of the summer.

For details, see below or go straight to our website.

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Speak Read Write
A Solid Introduction
May 30 – June 9

This 9-day introduction to the Yiddish language gives an overview of basic conversational Yiddish grammar and vocabulary.  Students will learn 30 Yiddish songs, will go through most of the College Yiddish textbook, and will have the opportunity to practice speaking the language with others.

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No prior Yiddish knowledge required.


Full Summer
Fast Track to Fluency
June 26-August 4

Students on the Yiddish Farm Summer Program experience hundreds of hours of sustained language immersion among fluent speakers throughout the summer. They split their time between learning Yiddish in the classroom and using the language in daily life on the farm, in the kitchen, at meals, and during all other activities.  Students leave the program able to communicate comfortably in Yiddish.  Students also learn the history of the Freeland League.

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No prior Yiddish knowledge required.


Yiddish II
Advanced Yiddish Course
July 18 – August 4

Students in this program will spend part of their morning on the farm and the afternoons studying advanced grammar, idioms,  and Yiddish literature. Students will also work in groups to translate their favorite children books into a rich idiomatic Yiddish.

All classes, discussions, lectures and framework will be conducted entirely in Yiddish. Intermediate and advanced students are invited to register.


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