Diario Judío México - The San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir (www.KolHakavod.com), under the direction of Ruth Weber, has been chosen to be part of the nationwide Chabad Telethon on August 25th, 2013 this year.

The first Telethon aired in 1980, after tragedy had struck Chabad. A devastating fire swept through the organization’s headquarters in Westwood, destroying the Chabad House. Through the kind generosity of its loyal audience and major corporate sponsors Since 1980, the Telethon has raised tens of millions of dollars for those in desperate need.

Please tune in around 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm/Pacific Time, (LA 18/KCSI-TV, KTSF 26/San Francisco, DirecTV and more at http://www.tolife.com/where.php) where you will hear and see our rendition of Psalm 150 (Halleluya), score of Levandowski and an Israeli Medley (Ye Varechecha, Leru Neranena and Sissu et Yerushalayim).