Diario Judío México - Falleció el jueves 1 de mayo, 2014 en San Diego, CA.
She passed away on Thursday, May 1st, 2014 in San Diego, CA.

  • Esposo (Husband): José Aroeste.
  • Hijos (Children): Alberto, Alex y Natalie Aroeste.
  • Madre (Mother): Reina Litwak de Babani.

Eulogy for Monica Aroeste

May 2nd, 2014

Our dear family, friends, and business partners; Dear Rabbis here present today; SDJA Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff; Dear Volunteers, Staff, Madrijim and janijim of our Ken Jewish Community; Dear JCC/CJC Board Members and Professional Staff; Dear friends from our family’s Congregation Beth Am; Dear Volunteers and Staff of our Jewish Federation of San Diego County; Dear San Diego Jewish Community, and community at large:

We have congregated here today to pay our collective respects to a magnificent daughter, a wonderful sister, an exemplary wife, a loving mother, a cheerful cousin and aunt, a dedicated co-worker, a passionate Jew, an indomitable warrior, and an honorable lady named Monica Aroeste.

Monica was born in Mexico City on January 24, 1965, to her parents Reyna Litwak and David Dantus. Her brother Mauricio followed her a few years later, and together they formed a loving family. Monica finished her high school studies at the Colegio Israelita de Mexico, was a member of the “haditas” Maccabi Youth Group, and an aspiring ballet dancer.

Monica’s story is one of “Coincidences” made in heaven. Let me explain:

During her days at our mutual college in Mexico City called Universidad Anahuac, where she was pursuing her degree in Communication Studies, Monica lived through one of those days that define our lives, even though we may not know it when we first wake up in the morning. It so happens that Monica was invited to a dance party one Saturday night for a first date by (we’ll call him a “guy”). It also so happens that Monica, a few months earlier had broken her engagement to another suiter, who happened to be at the same party at the same time. Thirdly, it also happens that I went to the same party, where I saw Monica’s signature smile for the first time as she dance with the “guy”, and from then on fell under its brilliant and mesmerizing spell. Really, that is all it took deep down in my heart.

Monica years later would talk about that fateful night as the night where her past, her present and her future all met in the same place at the same time, in the form of three different “guys”. I feel truly blessed that I turned out to be the man of her future.

After a very memorable and joyous wedding on December 14, 1986, Monica and I moved to Los Angeles to attend our studies at UCLA. After her graduation in 1988 Monica joined the working world at La Agencia de Orci & Asociados, a Hispanic Advertising agency, as Account Manager for Honda, KFC, the La Opinion newspaper, Anheuser Busch in St. Louis and Pepsi Corporation in New York, to name a few. Our years there were filled with blessed memories of family and friends, especially because during the day of another “Coincidence”, our son Alberto was born during a solar eclipse on July 10, 1991. Albertito, by the way, has graduated last year from Stanford University and now works and lives a happy life in San Francisco with his delightful girlfriend Danielle.

By a further “coincidence”, our second son Alex came on May 20, 1994, as we had just moved to San Diego from LA, where I was hired by Bank of Southern California in the previous month of April. I remember this distinctly, because Monica could not lift anything for the move except her 8-month pregnant belly and her right index finger to point where I should move every single last object that we owned, with a firm, definitive and commanding, but always loving voice.

Our crowning jewel, Natalie was born on November 4th, 1996. The “coincidence” there was that if Alex had been born a girl, we had decided to limit our family to two children. I like to tell her how lucky she is that Alex was born a boy…. Alex is now a fine young man proudly representing the USC Trojans, and the SAMY fraternity in his pursuit of his degree in Philosophy, Politics and Law. I wish for all of you the fine legal representation we will get once Alex graduates from his studies. Believe me, I know. Monica: if your main worry always was that the children would be okay, I can assure you today, as I always did, that they will be just fine.

Monica’s work life is filled with stories of her now most famous quality: that of always helping others. Monica’s spirit would not be at ease if she were not always trying to help anyone in need of anything. She loved her children, yes, but she also loved everyone else’s children, and would advocate for them to no end. There are many shining examples of this, as the mothers of those children have repeated to us on numerous occasions. We consider the entire faculty and staff at the SDJA, where Monica spent most of her working life, as our own personal friends, because that is what Monica so effortlessly accomplished.

Friends: today we say goodbye to our beloved Monica. But we are at peace because we know how hard she fought against disease and adversity. She is, and will always be, an example for others who may dismay after a few months of adversity, while hers lasted for over 15 years. She always fought with a smile, with determination, always asking what would come next, so that she could prepare for her fight. She truly was an Iron Lady.

Being my intention far from being disrespectful, for me there will always be 5 mothers of Am : Sara, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah and my beloved Miriam bat Malka. May she rest forever in peace.

Monica Aroeste Endowment Fund for Tuition Assistance at SDJA

At the request of the Aroeste family, San Diego Jewish Academy has created an endowment fund to honor our beloved SDJA parent and staff member Monica Aroeste Z”L.

This Tuition Assistance Fund has been named in her honor, reflecting Monica’s lifelong passion for children and Jewish education.

The Monica Aroeste Endowment Fund enables SDJA to provide tuition assistance in perpetuity, help children in need attend San Diego Jewish Academy and create a lifelong legacy in memory of Monica Aroeste.

  • Donations to the fund can be sent to:
    SDJA 11860 Carmel Creek Road San Diego, CA 92130
    Attn: Monica Aroeste Endowment Fund
  • Donation tributes to the fund in memory of Monica can also be made on line by going to:
    Jaffe Campus 11860 Carmel Creek Road, San Diego, CA 92130 858-704-3700


  • Viernes, 2 de mayo a las 7:00 pm en Beth Am
  • Sábado, 3 de mayo a las 7:30 pm en Beth Am
  • Domingo, 4 de mayo de 12 a 5 pm en casa de la familia Aroeste
  • Domingo, 4 de mayo a las 7:00 pm en Beth Am

Beth Am
5050 Del Mar Heights Rd., San Diego, CA 92130

Casa de la familia Aroeste
4594 Campobello St. San Diego, CA 92130


El entierro se llevó a cabo el Viernes 2 de Mayo, a las 3:00pm en:
The funeral will be held today, Friday, May 2, at 3:00 pm at:

El Camino Memorial Park
5600 Carroll Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92121

Que no sepan más de penas.

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