Nos gustaría invitarlos a felicitarlo a través de Twitter. El hashtag que estamos usando es #orgullomexicano y su cuenta de twitter es @RoemerAndres
Aquí el link de la página del premio:

The University of California, Berkeley cordially invites you and a guest to a luncheon honoring Ph.D. ’94 2013 recipient of:

The Elise and Walter A. Haas
International Award
Saturday, May 17, 2014
12:30 p.m.
California Memorial Stadium University Club, UC Berkeley

Please respond by May 10 to
Kat Kneisel at 510.643.7556 or

Dr. Roemer will be presented with the award at the
2014 Commencement Convocation
that begins at 10 a.m. at the stadium.
Please call the number above if you are interested in attending.

The Elise and Walter A. Haas International Award was established in 1964 by Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Haas, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Haas, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Goldman. One of the most prestigious honors conferred by the Berkeley campus, the award was created to mark the 50th wedding anniversary of Walter A. Haas, longtime head of Levi Strauss, and his wife, arts patron Elise Haas. The award honors an international alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley who has a distinguished record of service to his or her country.

's contribution to Mexico exemplifies Berkeley's highest values. He is the 49th recipient since the foundation's establishment and is the first Mexican to be awarded such prestige.

Dr. Roemer is a Mexican diplomat, writer, philanthropist, and one of Mexico’s most internationally recognized public intellectuals. Currently he serves as Consul General of Mexico in San Francisco where he has played a crucial role to enhance the partnership in education, culture and innovation between Mexico and the US.

A Fulbright scholar, he earned a Ph.D. in Public Policy in 1994 from UC Berkeley‎, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration in 1991 from Harvard University, where he received the Don K. Prize Award. Dr. Roemer is a pioneer in creating and implementing key ways of promoting science, art, and culture in his native country. In his diverse roles as scholar, writer, intellectual curator, and diplomat, Roemer has positioned Mexico as an emerging cultural leader. He has shaped intellectual discourse on public affairs in Mexico and is widely recognized for his prodigious efforts to bring the world to Mexico — and Mexico to the world.

Andrés is devoted to empowering people by teaching them to question accepted beliefs and to order the complexities of society. Based on that conviction, Dr. Roemer has orchestrated pivotal and remarkable international meetings, which have made him one of the most distinguished citizens in his country.

Dr. Roemer is also known as a great communicator, capable of transmitting complex concepts in a simple and comprehensible way, as well as for writing about a variety of critical topics with a keen understanding of science, arts, public policy, and economics, with broad implications for social prosperity. Creator of the internationally celebrated Ciudad de las Ideas festival, he is also the author of 16 books and two plays on diverse topics such as happiness, art, sexuality, love, water, soccer, law, economics, crime, evolutionary psychology, government, cultural mobility and public policy. His range of influence is extensive and has significantly impacted the wellbeing of the Mexican people.

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