Last Sunday, June the 10th the second Pink Run took place. The event had one main interest, to spread the value of “Tikun Olam” which means make the World a better place.

Seven schools of the Jewish community in Mexico joined together as one team in collaboration with other groups and foundations to make this great event possible.

Since very early in the morning the CIM-ORT, host of the run was painted in purple, everyone was very excited and getting ready to start the run.

People of all ages from babies in strollers to teens, adults and old people ran with their families and friends; some of them just wanted to participate, while others competed for the first place.

Lets not leave behind the dogs wearing the purple shirt, they were big attractions to everyone, and of course they received a medal too.

The money raised during the event is for benefit of Pink Life ABC, Funadación Alma, and Jai. These foundations make people aware of Breast Cancer spreading information and treat women with this disease.

The results exceeded our expectations. The faces of joy and satisfaction of people and the smiles in their mouths are unforgettable. Their effort was a success. Thanks to all of you who participated because you did this possible, and those who don´t hope to see you next year.


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