The opening of “Visual Language”, Holiday Art Show at RB Stevenson Gallery in La Jolla, CA, was held on Sunday, December 12th. One of the featured artists was Tania Alcala of San Diego. The opening was a success for Tania and resulted in the sale of her painting, “Super Star” 64×48 in, mixed media on wood, 2015. Her work is a breath of fresh air with her use of vivid, intense, and luscious colors. It is no surprise that her artwork was admired. She now is displaying, “Lo Sublime”, (The Sublime) 64×48 in, mixed media on wood, 2015. This painting captivates the viewer with the intensity of orange and reds blending with soothing aqua and green, it is absolutely sublime. The exhibit runs through December 31th as part of the “Visual Language” group show. Tania is having the privilege to exhibit with the extraordinary and well-known artist, Richard Allen Morris. Richard is an artist in his eighties who has dedicated his whole life to his art career and that has been an inspiration for Tania.


Tania obtained her Master’s in Art and Consciousness and Transformative Arts from John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA sixteen years ago. The program offered an area of emphasis on consciousness and spirituality as part of their curriculum. “It was not easy for me at the beginning since I was never taught how to approach art that way. I did not have the awareness or vision at that time to fully understand their approach”. Presently, this is the way that Tania approaches her artwork and life. “The program helped me to pay attention to everything around me and to be very present when I was painting as well as the healing process that I was experiencing while creating my artwork.” As a result, during this time period she painted a self-portrait as a Mexican woman, which she entitled, “The Vision”. The whole painting portrays the strength, the culture, and the entrapment in which she was living, and yet the flowing hair and the pink background express the inner freedom that was the true quality of her soul. That freedom can now be seen in her abstract expressionist artwork.


While in school, she was also intrigued by the icon of the Statue of Liberty. The statue represents hope for a new life for all the immigrants of this country. She created a painting of this icon, with a different meaning in mind. For her, it represented inner freedom, strength, and independence. “I painted her as a Goddess, and as a light bearer. It almost looks like The Hermit in the Tarot cards, as the illuminator of the spiritual path.” She also created a self-portrait as the statue of liberty, which is in many ways allowing her to embody her inner freedom”. Living in the bay area and attending John F. Kennedy University opened her eyes to abstract painting. She has done abstract panting ever since.


“Visual Language Holiday Art Show”
Where: R.B. Stevenson Gallery, 7661 Girard Ave., No. 201, La Jolla, CA 92037
When: December 12th – December 30th
Hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00
Closed Sundays and Mondays
Admission: Free
Phone: (858) 459-3917


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