For many of my brothers and sisters within Judaism, this date reminds us of the birth of our People as a Nation and the respect towards the divine energy that is expressed through Hashem within each one of us and around us. As God is the Breath of Life, origin of the vast Universe and the confines that constitute Space-Time, as the birth of an Era in constant change and evolution of the One, being the constitution of Everything and Nothing itself that is expressed in this world under the Human form that characterizes us coming from the Divinity itself.

Consequently, when we follow the account of the exit of our people from slavery as a result of the pharaoh’s yoke and the exodus through the desert for 40 years until reaching Canaan, the promised land, it is that 3300 years later this holiday becomes more than solemn as the days go by. Because it seals the pact that Hashem made with the Hebrew people and the effective promise to free us from all kinds of slavery, whether physical, mental or spiritual, by recognizing us as the Twelve Tribes of Israel, marking the milestone of the consciousness of all descendants. of Jacob.


Because Pesach is the most concrete expression of leaving behind any type of oppression to which we have been subjected or chains that prevented us from advancing towards the freedom of our Being there in the world. For this reason, the Jewish Passover is the symbol of our redemption against a past that has already passed, which from the Sephardic mysticism of French origin could be understood as “Laissez faire, Laissez passer” and from the perspective of the Iberian Peninsula, the willingness to approach the divinity known within Judaism as Devequt, a social value of fear of God, compliance with his precepts and study of the Torah.

So today, as a Sephardic Jew, I join this celebration from the depths of my heart and soul, following the traditions that my family has honored and preserved for more than three thousand years despite continuous persecution and pogroms. And where Pesach protects in my spirit the flame that keeps the Hebrew people united beyond any diaspora and makes us yesterday, today and always aware of who we are and where we come from in the course of our passage through this world.

The foregoing, because on a day like today 734 years ago in Troyes France, my family was reduced almost entirely to ashes by the intolerance and ambition that lies in some human beings, making us Jews object of discrimination century after century. plundering and looting of the blessings that Hashem has granted us as a people who observe His Law.

In this way, from the historical and mystical sense contained in the Holy Scriptures, we have not only earned everything we have with the sweat of our brow, but also developed an alliance with G‑d for the growth of the Hebrew community as one. Tribe, by flourishing and later sharing the fruits that the Tree of Life contains with all our neighbors. Because we are an example of human effort and overcoming in the face of adversity and conflicts that are presented to us at every step, as lessons to learn in this ephemeral life and continuous doing and not doing, where the Creative Energy of everything there is transforms us each step we take

By virtue of the above, today I will not only light my Shabbat candles and honor Pesach in the name of Hashem and all my brothers and sisters who are inside or outside of Israel, but also in the name of the entire Humanity that happens to me and in special on behalf of my Ima, my Ava, my Sabta and my Sava. Since it was thanks to all of them and to my ancestors until I reached Baruch D`Avirrey or Baruch Tob Elem (Bonfils), that today, more than 700 years later, I find myself here in Sepharad Alive and Free from all past ties and chains forever.

So I want to share with you not only the medieval elegy “The Burning of Troyes 1288 in Hebrew characters dedicated to my family, but also the same elegy set to music by the Musician and Composer, Founder and Director of the Ensemble Lucidarium in Basel, Mrs. Avery Gosfield, to whom I met him in person some time ago on a beautiful Shabbat celebrated in Dresden, Germany, at the Rabbi Akiva Weingarten Synagogue, to whom I convey my heartfelt memories and all his Kehila, Amen.


Chag Sameach Pesach.!!!


(Special for the Jewish of Mexico).

April 15, 2022, Valencia Spain, Perelló.



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