Iran Is Training Mexican Drug Cartels to Operate In The United States.

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When President Barak Hussein Obama was running for office he advocated the decriminalization of drugs including Marijuana. (Youtube-barack obama on marijuana decriminialization (2004) 2004). On another occasion while blazing the campaign trail, the future president of the United States noted his marijuana use. He noted that his frequent inhalation was, “The Point” (Barack obama “I inhaled frequently” “That was the point” 2006). This issue had American advocates for drug legalization voting in large numbers. The President, however, stopped short of legalizing these substances in a recent online town hall meeting (Obama opposed legalizing marijuana 2009). Our enemies in Tehran, not underestimating the weakness and tolerance of our culture in this permissive attitude towards drugs and the underworld of crime that they provide, have begun to assist and empower international drug lords, not previously in collusion with the Islamic State.

As America continues to descend into one of the worst economic recessions, cities feeling the reduced collection of revenue across the nation are filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. In a southern border state, Texas, a sign on the front door of a town called Marshall Creek reads, “Marshall Creek Town Hall will be closed INDEFINATELY.” Next to this sign is a state-issued warning that drinking water may be vulnerable to contamination (Parsons 2007). In another border state, California, the city of Vallejo, filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy also having to slash the capacity of city services (City of vallejo, california bankruptcy information 2008). Towards the south again in California, Desert Hot Springs also filed for bankruptcy (California city files for bankruptcy 2002). As these cities struggle to restructure their union contracts and provide basic services, its possible that these infrastructures may fail due to the cash strapped banking system and credit crunch facing off the American economy. The bond market is shambles and if more communities can not access these services it is possible that more communities may fall in to Chapter 9. These failures could create an opportunity for our enemies of state.

In a parallel and related set of stories, in 2000, the Israeli military pulled out of Southern Lebanon after occupying it for 18 years during a bitter civil war. This neighborhood had no running water because the Israeli’s shut it off when they pulled out. Upon their departure, Hezbollah, known in the west for its acts of terrorism, brought with it an “Army of doctors, nurses, veterinarians, bulldozers, agronomists and engineers,” (Sachs 2000). With the help of money from Iran, Hezbollah built a network of clinics and schools in poor Lebanese Shi’ite communities (Morley 2006). They were seen by these communities as heroic and performed services that their own governments, weighted down by war, fiancial issues and more, were unable to meet.

In South America, where similar failed cities and infrastructures exist, Iran is repeating its successful purchase of influence by investing hundreds of millions of dollars into these communities. Recently in Ecuador, the Iranian Deputy Energy Minister met with the President of Ecuador where they signed a number of agreements including a “$120 million deal to build power stations in the cash-strapped country. In addition, Tehran pledged to invest $40 million in small business. Last year the Islamic Republic loaned Ecuador $280 million for an oil refinery,” (Ravid 2008). This is contrasted to strained relations between the United States and Ecuador over drug cartel issues.

In Iraq, the United States spent trillions of dollars and attempted to route out insurgents while failing to protect the fragile infrastructure and security of the war torn Fertile Crescent. Noting that Iranian contracts were outpacing American efforts in rebuilding Iraq, the Iranian Foreign Minister, bragged to the U.S. Secretary of State indirectly in 2008, that companies from Iran were helping the Iraqis more than others in the region. Payvand News, reported that Iran has been heavily involved in the rebuilding of Iraq, promising $1 billion dollars, to rebuild Iraq with a railway construction project between their countries (Iran-iraq railway project underway 2008). The Washington Times recently reported, that Iran was also helping the Iraqi’s with rebuilding their war torn electrical grid by building seven new and major power transmission lines between their two countries (Iran touts economic projects in iraq 2008). After the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, thousands of Shi’ite Muslims from Iran flowed across the unregulated Iraqi borders and set themselves up in various neighborhoods across Iraq with the support of the British and American governments (Dreyfuss 2008). Their presence has created all kinds of security challenges for the United States and its allies in Iraq.

Enemies of the Untied States like Osama bin Laden have issued fatwah’s saying that it is the duty of Muslims to kill Americans. Iran has publicly announced its plans to knock out the United States with 1 nuclear bomb. A recent news story notes, “ Iran is not only covertly developing nuclear weapons, it is already testing ballistic missiles specifically designed to destroy America’s technical infrastructure, effectively neutralizing the world’s lone superpower, say U.S intelligence sources, top scientists and western missile industry expert.” The article continues, “Scientists say there is no other explanation for such tests other than preparation for the deployment of electromagnetic pulse weapons- even one of which could knock out America’s critical electrical and technological infrastructure,” (Farah 2005).

If Iran is successful at executing its strategy to take out millions of computers that run the banking systems of the world, operate our automobiles, and manage almost every imaginable global telephonic and communication system. It would disable, critical infrastructure on roads, in hospitals, and our power grid, Hundreds of American cities, unable to effectively conduct business in the banking sector, unable to obtain bonds or cash, would fail. This would create opportunities similar to those capitalized on by Hezbollah in Lebanon in the 1980’s. If the United States suffered another catastrophic event like September 11th, 2001 small communities would be extremely open to having doctors, nurses, garbage collectors, and police provide those services in the absence of failed city governments by America’s underworld including drug dealers, who may have wealthy friends in places like Tehran. The “Wave of Good Will,” brought by terrorist organizations could have far graver implications for Americans in these vulnerable communities. Foreign non-state actors could effectively subvert aspects of the Constitution and if they were Islamic, institute Shiriah law. The effects of these circumstances would be worse if State governments were held victim in a similar fashion. Financially strapped they would be unable to field National Guard Units to secure the peace. As in Iraq, local self-sustaining American militia may be the only hedge against foreign tyranny in a failed city or state.

Evidence of this predatory behavior can been seen in our neighbor to the South, as the Mexican government struggles to fight with the drug cartels. Mexico is in jeopardy of becoming a failed nation state (Mexico’s ‘failed state’ threat 2009). If American cities suffered any number of failed initiatives themselves, what would happen to the United States citizenry if these cartels decided to inhabit the worst neighborhoods in the United States and provide these basic services? In many respects these parts of our cities are welfare driven and supported by the tax payers for basic human needs. After brining the depth of Cartel drug money, and foreign cash from places like Iran or China, what if they provided Americans with fresh water, security and trash collection while also perpetuating the conditions that caused them to fail in the first place as long as the militia looked the other way? Maybe average Joe could even be employed in the militia where they received stipends to work the land of rich Cartels who could buy their way into becoming Mayor. Thousands of young urban men are lured into this ploy annually and American prisons are replete with evidence of their seduction. This scenario worked in war-torn Iraq after the U.S. led invasion of 2003. What if these opportunists created similar circumstances to the plight of the Palestinians who’ve failed to create any sense of civilized permanence in their refugee camps in over 50 years! The Palestinians have failed to create economic institutions, civil services and other aspects to their refugee status- even where they have stood for 50 years- as countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt have also failed to grant their refugee status any permanence in their country.

Tying these seemingly unrelated stories together, another tragic recent news story notes that Hezbollah operatives are currently collaborating with the Drug Lords of Mexico and financing some of their operations which in this past year alone have killed over 7000 people (more deaths than in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan) in clashes between the Mexican government and the narco-traffickers (Bode 2009). Michael Braun, a recently retired assistant administrator and chief of Operations at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, reported exclusively to the Washington Times that, Hezbollah relies on “The same criminal weapons smugglers, document traffickers and transportation experts as the drug cartels.”

He continued, “They work together. They rely on the same shadow facilitators. One way or another, they are all connected. They’ll leverage those relationships to their benefit, to smuggle contraband and humans into the U.S. In fact, they already are [smuggling]” (Exclusive: Hezbollah uses mexican drug routes into U.S.: Words beside smuggler cartels to fund operations 2009). This fact was confirmed in the story by several other U.S. officials in the intelligence community.

President Obama’s personally lax and publicly articulated attitude towards illegal and recreational drugs exclaims insensitivity toward the 7000 deaths south of the American border where a war is raging for the heart and soul of a country and one of our best allies. Negligence ensues when the leader of the United States and the Free World notes that he will have no preconditions in engaging the Islamic Republic of Iran in a dialogue while American borders are being violated by Islamic proxies who are funded and trained by the anti-American sponsors. Furthermore, as the United States descends into a deeper economic recession, perhaps even a depression, and while Iran continues to develop a nuclear weapon that will have the capacity to destroy the sensitive electronic infrastructure of the Untied States, unique opportunities will exist for terrorist entities to function as they did in places like Lebanon in the 1980’s making enemies of our state look like saviors-wolves in sheep’s clothing as the cliché goes. These opportunities are currently being exploited in South America, just south of our own borders, and the seeds are being sewn to foment those issues in the United States. The President plans to borrow trillions of more dollars in the form of bonds from cash-rich Islamic states like Saudi Arabia and the Emirates who already have are owed trillions by our grandchildren’s children. Many of these debts to Islamic countries are bonds similar to those owed the in the insolvent bankrupt communities already noted. Dependence on foreign oil in these matters is not the only problem that the United States has with foreign entities taking risk on the American economy and in public institutions of the United States. An Islamic tax known as dhimmitude is arbitrarily placed upon the heads of every American including many who are not even born yet. Unprecedented wealth is transferred from the United States to Islamic countries due to terrible domestic energy policy and foreign investment by countries who entertain Islamic radicalism as a way of life. We haven’t built a refinery in our country in almost three decades. We haven’t built a nuclear power plant in our country in about the same. We’ve made Caribou in Alaska more important than the transfer of wealth to countries whose theocratic overlords are in collusion with drug banditos who might be willing to set off a EMP over our country.

Just outside Detroit Michigan where unemployment has reached its zenith in the United States, amidst failed labor union bids to make it work, is a neighborhood populated by more Muslims than almost any other city in the world outside the Middle East (Dearborn, Michigan. America’s Muslim capital 2004). This Islamic community of the American fabric has been seen rallying for Hezbollah and possessed elements of radicalism often feared in the United States. As the city of Detroit, with its Democratic pro-union labor mayor, destroys its own credit rating while operating on a red-hot deficit, the potential for a failed-city becomes more evident. An opportunity for Muslim’s to institute their brand of Dhimmitude, Shir’iah law and cash flow from foreign services becomes more evident. If the city situation wasn’t bad enough, Michigan’s Democratic Governor continues to red line the state’s budget into oblivion as well making the problems of this Mid-Western state even worse. The Islamification of an iconic city like Detroit, as the heart of American industrial might, should strike a potent fear into the minds of Americans if they only understood the scope and intent of their enemy. Iran, working through intermediaries and looking like salvation to any future troubled neighborhood could work its magic as our cities become overrun with the thuggery. With Iranian nuclear weapons hanging over American heads like the sword of Damocles, the potential for any of these treacherous planets to align becomes a viable doomsday scenario for those charged with the Preservation of the Republic. This is the nightmare scenario and unlike our Soviet Adversaries of the cold war it would only take 1-bomb to bring down the entire system as trillions of dollars would cease to electronically exist over night.


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