The holocaust was a terrible event that happened in the mid-20th century; It was a religious, ethical and political genocide, but mostly people that didn’t matched the aryan race, human beings with blond hair, tall, clear eyes, etc. thought that these people had to be dead before “contaminated” the aryan race.

had an enormous hate for the jews but also for gay, african-american, disabled and gypsies.

After the war, some people that lived the horrors of the genocide and achieved to survive had a plan, it was to hunt all the people that caused this; commanders, SS members or people involved with the gestapo. Some of them captured and executed by the state of israel for war crimes and crimes to humanity, some of them are:

  • Adolf Eichmann: we was a member of the SS and one of the leaders of the holocaust, he was the Nazi SS-Oberstrumbannfüher (senior assault unit leader)
  • Franz Stangl: He was a supervisor of the action T4 at Hartheim Euthanasia Centre
  • Hermine Braunsteiner: She was “The mare of Majdanek”, a guard that kicked the prisoners to death in the concentration camp of Majdanek

Simon Wiesenthal was the main leader of the nazi hunters, he offered rewards to friends or people that knew the formers nazis to get information or whereabouts of them, he created a group of people known as the nazi hunters to capture all of the remaining nazis and take them to justice by executing them or a life in prison for crime wars and crimes to humanity.

There’s a center dedicated to Simon, the Simon Wiesenthal center at Los Angeles, California; This center is still working hard to remove all the remaining statues and hunt suspected nazi war criminals, but the main purpose of this center is the remembrance of the holocaust, also they try hard to avoid another conflict like that in many years.