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 I am sure you are aware of the decision of 3 schools at your University that got together to bash Jews/ during a conference this week.
The speakers are Lamont Hill who was fired by CNN for anti Semitism as well as Roger Waters, an elderly hateful noise- maker who has continued to demonize and attempts to stop celebrities/musicians to go to to perform.
Of course, there is Sarsour who is so anti-Semitic that the original women’s movement co chairs removed themselves from that group and demanded her resignation. She just spoke in North Carolina and as expected, she attacked . If you ask the NC University,  they will tell you they learned -0- and the 4th speaker in U of Mass. Sut Jhally  is in the communications department and is known for his hatred.
This anti- Semitic spectacle is very clear, there is nothing hidden about this event. Therefore, you who hold in your hands the future of America must refuse/deny room for these wrong, discriminatory meetings of hatred.
I am sure that you remember that every time there has been an attempt at a peace process, the Palestinians have walked away. Every time there is calm a Terrorist kills Jews.
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