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Mr Chu et al

The trips below appear on your advertisements, however, when you open the site, they are not available. They actually disappeared on a whim. You erased a country and its people from the map, just like the Jew haters and as the Palestinians desire.
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Three trips of yours were cancelled, Wings Over Israel, Go Israel, and Spring Migration. It is my understanding that you were instrumental in canceling the trips to Israel and have elected to visit China. Are you not aware that China is a country ruled by a tyrant? They have taken over Tibet, they are killing the Uyghurs, and are now considering the take-over of Taiwan. Is the area of the Uyghur genocide more to your touring tastes? What about choosing Russia, as perhaps, you will meet with Putin and he can show you where in the Kremlin he made the decision to massacre the Ukrainians? You had mentioned in the description of your tours…” a diverse coalition”. Is this everywhere , but not for the Jews and Israelis?
It would be benficial to read from the Old Testament:
““You shall hold a festival for the Lord your God, seven days, in the place the Lord will choose; for the Lord, your God will bless all your crops and all your undertakings, and you shall have nothing but joy” (Deuteronomy 16:1). ”

Israel has not only managed to create a remarkable agricultural transformation but has emerged as a global leader in agriculture and water management.
For the benefit of your Club, you ought to be interested in the following about the land of Israel :
In Israel, you can take a variety of excursions from a desert to forest, from the lowest part of the world to the high ruins of Masada.
Their agricultural innovative methods which save water and promote plant and tree growth is shared with African countries that are in dire need of it.
The Sierra Club, if I understand correctly is a non-profit charitable organization founded in the 19th century to protect and preserve our “air, water, and open spaces”

If any nation has attempted and succeeded in the study and improvement of the environment and land, it‘s Israel. Who else has turned a desert into productive green space, invented the desalination of the sea, agricultural irrigation, obtaining water from the atmosphere, etc? Israel has achieved all this and more for the benefit of man without causing harm to the environment.

I would like to understand your purpose in turning your back on and wishing to do harm to Israel. Why are you being influenced by J Voice for Peace or J Street,
et al ? These groups are miserable haters of Israel. Every time they find a weak group or persons, they launch at them with the desire to spread and increase the misunderstanding its people.

I repeat, for what good reason have you abandoned your visit to Israel? You would have learned about its’ magnificent discoveries and developments which they have in good faith passed on to other countries.

Where else is the tour group going to find the Hoopoe bird and so many other species that only live in Israel? Visit the Hai Bar biblical wildlife reserves in the Aravah and on Mount Carmel )

That organization uses drip irrigation to help increase the yield of crops in the village. With the extra produce, there is more to eat and more can be sold. Read more.
As regards “apartheid”, you must visit Israel and see for yourself the huge variety of people of different faiths, ethnicities, and races who may have emigrated and reside there. Meet the Arab Israelis who are very much a part of everyday life in Israel, even going as far as members of the Knesset ( the parliament). It is not Israel that separates the Palestinians, it is their powerful terrorist dictators who make their lives miserable and “encourage“ them to fight against and constantly attack and throw rockets at civilian Israelis.

Perhaps the Sierra club can tour Gaza the rocket loungers the schools where the books teach children how to be married snd how Israel doesn’t exist
Or the naming of streets by terrorists or of course paying the families of terrorists for their murders
When you go to z Ramallah visit Rashida Tlaib’s home snd ask her how life is treating her snd then visit the never-ending presidency of Abbas
And finally, figure out why this yo groups of Arabs can’t live in peace

Please contact me so that we could discuss this issue in more detail, or to be educated about us.
DO NOT DONATE to these organizations.
Pablo Nankin, MD

Acerca de Pablo Nankin, MD

Born on September 4, 1944 and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. Private Practice begun in Vascular Surgery in 1972. In 1994, as of March 1, 2004 I retired from my practice. My office location remains at: 1125 South Beverly Drive, Suite 611, Los Angeles, CA 90035. September 20-23, 2000 and September 17-18, 1998: Private tutorial sessions on Sclerotherapy with Doctor Frederic Vin, Chief of the Department of Angiology at Hospital Notre Dame de Bon Secours in Paris, France as well as at his private offices in Paris. Emphasis being on the long saphenous veins at the saphenous/femoral junction and on the short saphenous vein at the popliteal/saphenous junction. September 16,1998: Training in Phlebectomy at the Clinique Mursat in Paris, France under the tutelage of Doctor Jean-Francois Uhl, Associate Professor of Surgery at Ancien Interne des Hopitaux de Paris in Paris, France, November 7-9, 1997: Attended the 11th Annual Congress of the North American Society of Phlebology in Palm Springs, California. November 10-11, 1996; January 14,15, 1997; February 19,1997; April 1-2, 1997: Preceptorship dedicated to the treatment of veins with John J. Bergan, M.D., Professor of Surgery Loma Linda University Medical Center in La Jolla, California. September 22, 24-26,1997: Personal tutorial on Sclerotherapy with Doctor Frederic Vin, Chief of the Department of Angiology at Hospital Notre Dame de Bon Secours Paris, France as well as at his private offices in Paris, France. Emphasis on the long saphenous veins at the saphenous / femoral junction and the short saphenous vein at the popliteal/saphenous junction. February 20,1997: Personal tutorial on Sclerotherapy and Varicose Vein problems with Helaine S. Fronek, M.D. Instructor in Medicine, University of California, San Diego and Director, Varicose Vein Clinic. March 4 & 28, April 4 & 14, 1997: Personal tutorial on Sclerotherapy and Varicose Vein problems with David Duffy, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine (Dermatology) in Torrance, CA September 23,1997: Notre Dame de Bon Secours Hospital, Paris, France: Insertion of “V” clip into the saphenous/femoral junction for valvular insufficiency with Doctor Jean-Francois Van Cleef. Television Appearances: January 21, 1999: Channel 52 KVEA, Telemundo Topic: Sclerotherapy and Varicose Vein Surgery January 1985: Channel 34 KMEX, Univision Topic: Varicose Veins July 1985: Channel 34 KMEX, Univision Topic: Varicose Veins

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