My stalker neighbour is a male rapist…

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My stalker neighbour is a male rapist…

This sentence with which I started the article is very suggestive and encompasses the problem that more than one woman has suffered in any part of the world. Mainly when she has had a neighbour who has presented himself as “helpful” by offering to repair a domestic problem such as, for example, a window or a back door. When in reality their “diligent” behaviour harbours a sexual predator who does not repair them, but rather tries to break them down in the early hours of the morning when he thinks no one is watching.


Therefore, if you have ever suffered or are suffering from sexual harassment by your neighbour, do not hesitate to call the police and inform your family, friends and other acquaintances. For the power of a stalker lies in the silence of the victims who should never remain silent. In the sense that a friend may be close, but the enemy may be closer than you think.


In some cases they will continue to stalk you, knocking on the door of your flat, watching you with binoculars from their balcony, following you in their car or in more extreme cases swimming to your terrace, regardless of whether they have to cross a river or the sea. Evidencing their mental imbalance and hatred of the opposite sex. 


The time when women were intimidated is long gone, today we are not easy prey and even less the so-called “weaker sex”. We are united and we have support networks that control our working hours, the places we go to and any other immediate environment where we find ourselves. And because we know how to make use of the legal and technological mechanisms that exist to defend ourselves.


The analysis and profile of sexual criminals has been studied by psychiatrists and psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, as well as criminologists such as Ezechia Marco Lombroso in Italy, Alfonso Quiroz Cuarón in Mexico and Vicente Garrido Genovés in Valencia, Spain. They have analysed the harmful behaviours of many stalkers worldwide, showing that their lives are full of traumas and bad relationships with their female counterparts. There are plenty of reasons why we cannot allow the naturalisation of events such as those described above. 

Because anyone who remains silent or looks the other way, also becomes an accomplice or participant in this type of aggression that exposes the less kind face of a very sick society. Where double standards and a lack of respect for women are being abandoned. 


Global society must assume its share of responsibility by reporting these situations to the corresponding authorities, providing the names and surnames of these predators with their photograph, place of residence and work, so that the local community is alerted and attentive to provide assistance. This allows civil society to exercise proper civic ethics and to express itself civically, in accordance with the Spanish philosopher Adela Cortina. 


Because we must start by breaking the chain of violence that is based on the silence of a part of society. So that this does not happen to any more women, because one day it could be you, your daughter, sister, mother, wife or girlfriend who could be the next victim. 


Therefore, spaces must be opened to make this type of despicable behaviour visible, without making generalisations about the opposite sex, working together and joining forces with those who do reflect a well-managed masculinity and a healthy, cordial and fair humanity. It is important to note that not all men are bullies, which has allowed us as women to have valuable fathers, brothers, husbands and friends, giving us a positive example of a life oriented in mutual recognition and respect. These are the best partners in the fight to combat and banish harassment from our lives. 


Because remembering the advice given to us by our Fathers and Grandfathers: We must beware of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, because some people will present themselves at first sight as good and sincere people, when in reality they are quite the opposite, some of society’s scum who tarnish the good name of other men.


Special for Diario Judí de México. 05/06/2023.

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