Dear Mr. Fertik

Regarding your question,

Do you think Trump is doing a good job at protecting you from the Coronavirus?
Questions like this at the present time or even at any time are rude and uncalled for. Trump is doing the best he can to stop the Pandemic, while you are taking advantage of any situation to make Trump look inept.

I have news for you:  we had 8 years of Obama who in my opinion betrayed the country and its' citizens. Do you remember Iran, remember UN voting on Israel? To you, those must have been wonderful actions and which makes you proud to be a demagogue.. oops I meant a Democrat (not to be confused with democratic).

The Democrats' ticket had at least 4 very sick anti Semites who would have done everything to destroy Israel and to hand it to their buddies, the West Bankers and the Gazans (the areas where Hamas a terrorist organization reigns.) By the way,  there isn't 1 Jew left living in Gaza, so against who are the Democrats protecting the Gazans?

How many Democrats just voted against the resolution to stop BDS?  Yes, the majority of them.

You have a decayed Socialist associated with every prominent antiSemite in his campaign. When Tlaib and Omar open their mouth against Jews and Israel, the Democrats go along with them and that explains why they are still in Congress.

Now let's talk about Biden, perhaps the least evil of them, but his marbles are moving all over the place and what is more worrisome is that he learned from the master of deceit, namely Obama. Going back in time a little, Roosevelt permitted the death of millions of Jews helped by a Jew, a Democrat.

Carter permitted that Americans stay imprisoned in Iran and when he decided to make an impact, he screwed up the operation.   It took a real man one day to have the prisoners removed and that was a Republican, Reagan. Clinton was not bad, but a little screwy.

My biggest concern is the Jews who stay Democratic, even if they are being stepped on.

Pablo Nankin, MD


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