Right now, a conference of HaShomer HaChadash and Israel Hayom on governance and personal security in Israel is taking place and broadcasted live on the “Israel Hayom” website and app. The conference discusses a variety of topics such as the loss of personal security among Israeli citizens, the growing issue of protection money in Israel and the growing crime rates in the Arab society and is attended by ministers, MKs, officials from the Israel Police and more.

according to a poll conducted by the Conference on Personal Security and Public Safety and HaShomer HaChadash more than half of Israeli residents currently do not feel as safe as they used to, 55% of respondents in the poll stated that their sense of personal safety had weakened, which is a significant increase from last year at 41% when the same poll was conducted.  

18% of respondents in the poll stated that they would not leave their homes at night. That number increases to 44% in Arab sectors. This is likely due to the increase of crime in Arab sectors and the record number of murders in the past year and is thus reflected in Israeli Arabs’ sense of personal safety.

Yoel Zilberman, founder and CEO of the HaShomer HaChadash organization:

“The issue of protection money has become an existential issue in Israel. We are obliged to listen to the voices, to see the criminal activity on the ground and to be aware of the serious protection crisis that exists in Israel and requires a thorough treatment. This is not the Negev and the Galilee’s problem; it’s reaching all parts of the country.

We look with concern at what is happening in the State of Israel – at the loss of governance, the murders, the farmers, and business owners paying protection money to criminals, the state’s inability to cope and the lack of planning in the face of the great danger. The state needs to understand that we are in trouble that requires appropriate consideration.

The issue of personal security needs to undergo a revolution, and HaShomer HaChadash is here to make sure that a plan made by the state of Israel to deal with the issue of personal security and governance is launched and will bring significant results.”

Tzachi Hanegbi, head of the National Security Council (NSC): “The protection money issue Israel is facing is a national problem. This is not an issue that only affects the Negev and the Galilee but hurts Israel as a whole. We may deteriorate into a situation where the quality of life will be significantly harmed, and there is a fear that the citizens’ commitment to the state will be hurt because they’ll fell the state is not protecting them. Law enforcement officials should combat this phenomenon that’s slowing down Israel’s growth.

Regarding crime in Arab society, the head of The National Security Council (NSC) said that there is an intolerable increase in violence in the Arab society in Israel. The Prime Minister is leading this issue personally and, in my opinion, the police should be provided with all the tools to deal with the crisis. The police forces should also have the assistance of the Shin Bet and the power of civilian organizations, including HaShomer HaChadash, who are able to mobilize the wonderful Israeli spirit and these organizations know how to cooperate and go together with the law enforcement agencies.

I became familiar with the HaShomer HaChadash organization during my time as a minister. The organization’s contribution to the security of the country, to the protection of the lands, to the deterrence of our enemies, in all these aspects is enormous. The volunteering spirit of HaShomer HaChadash should join the organizational capabilities of the Border Police, the Israel Police, and all security authorities. This is the real equalizer.”

Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir was interviewed at the conference and said that: “We must have a judicial reform and then we can talk. We must not fold or surrender.”

There is a big change in the Israel Police. I brought in NIS 9 billion ($2.35 billion), we gave the police officers a financial increase, we started recruiting for the National Guard and I obtained more positions for the police.

The protection money issue is definitely a serious problem, and the protection money criminal offenses did not begin in the last 8 months. I have been warning for a long time that these are armed militias. We are taking significant measures on this issue, but the media is not supportive.’


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