Why is this box different from all other boxes?

Because it contains an entire seder dinner.

From Houston, Texas.

If you now feel like the son who does not even know how to ask a question,  let us explain.

Houston’s Kenny & Ziggy’s,  which “Save the Deli” author David Sax proclaimed “one of the best delis in the  country,” was hawking knishes, lox, latkes, and pastrami on web site FoodyDirect,  which lets indie restaurants sell to consumers nationwide.

Over the winter, a light bulb went off for owner and deli man Ziggy Gruber:   “Since we’re already shipping food, and there are a lot of Yidlach who probably  don’t have access for stuff for yontif, why not offer it to them?” he told the  Forward.

The result is Passover  in a Box, a $399 extravaganza that “not only includes enough classic  delicacies to feed 10, but also it’ll save you time and trouble,” according to  Kenny & Ziggy’s FoodyDirect page.  “Moses led our people out of bondage, so  why should you be a slave in your kitchen?”

The package includes (deep breath) A four-pound dinner-cut brisket with gravy  or two pounds of dinner-cut brisket and 5 stuffed cabbages; three quarts of  chicken soup; ten matzo balls; ten pieces of gefilte fish; carrot soufflé;  potato kugel; tzimmis; charoset; horseradish; macaroons; and brownies. The only  catch: like Kenny & Ziggy’s, the food’s kosher-style, but not kosher. “A lot  of our customers are very secular, but want to keep tradition alive,” Gruber  said.

Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/the-jew-and-the-carrot/195577/a-complete-seder-in-a-box-matzo-balls-included/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Food&utm_campaign=Food%20Newsletter%202014-04-02#ixzz2yu9FMr7Y


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