Chávez accuses Colombia of violating airspace

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Chávez accuses Colombia of violating airspace

President Hugo Chávez warned the Colombian government that it would regret an eventual aggression against Venezuela. He also said that Colombian “unmanned spy planes” have violated Venezuela’s airspace and ordered his military to “shoot down” any such aircrafts.

“A few days ago, at midnight, one of these unmanned aircrafts flew over the military garrison of Fuerte Mara (state of Zulia, western Venezuela); our soldiers saw it; they called the on-duty officer, but the aircraft left, disappeared,” the Venezuelan Head of State said on Sunday in its weekly program Aló Presidente.

“It was a small plane, two or three meters long; it is operated by remote control, but it films everything and it is able to throw bombs. That is the Yankee technology. Last night (Saturday), I ordered: ‘Shoot down any little plane which shows up'”

He highlighted that the use of the drone constitutes “an act of war;” he also urged his Colombian counterpart Álvaro Uribe to act with “responsibility” and avoid being used by the United States to “attack” Venezuela.

“We have no plan against Colombia, (even though its government) has been declared an enemy of Venezuela (and) almost every day they make a statement against us. (…) They are deploying military units in the border, thinking that we will be panicked,” he said.

Chávez, who established the National Police on Sunday, said that it is not true that the Venezuelan government protects Colombian members of the guerrilla.


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