Chavez goal: Muslim – Communist Alliance

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In line with the strange, growing magnetic merging of Islamism and Marxism, a new story is emerging that Hugo Chavez is setting about the conversion of indigenous Venezuelans to Islam:

Chavez has invited Iranian Shiite “missionaries” to convert the Guajiros and other indigenous peoples in Amazonia. The entire Wayuu tribe is now Muslim, women wear veils while men go to Kalashnikov shooting practice. Some have themselves photographed wearing suicide vests loaded with bombs, and the Venezuelan government distributes the photos, publicizing its friendship with Ahmadinejad and Middle East terrorist groups.

Christian missionaries on the other hand have mysteriously disappeared from the jungle with Chavez justifying this by accusing them of being ‘genocidal spies’. It’s clear that Chavez has particular plans for Venezuela linked to the nefarious rising anti-west, anti-freedom climate in the post 9/11 world.

One of the world’s most notorious terrorists (apart from Osama bin Laden) is clearly an object of admiration for Chavez who referred to him as a “distinguished compatriot” and… a “friend” during an OPEC conference in Caracas.

In prison, Carlos embraced Islam as a religion, as many other Communists do, not because they believe in Allah, but because they feel kinship with Muslims in their hatred of the USA. Aristotle said, “Evil unites men.” In a recent interview, The Jackal laughed remorselessly when asked about his murders, and criticized Al Qaeda by saying, “They are not professional. They are not organized. They don’t even know how to make explosives or detonators well.” When asked how many did he kill, he replied, “I can’t count, less than 100 anyway.” French police has documented 83 murders. And what did he achieve from that? “Our example has been followed not only by Communists, but also by Jihadists.”

It’s clear that the alliance between political Islam and totalitarian Communism has more in common than we could have imagined seeing the world through the eyes of a Christianized culture where religious ideology has never been a seriously threatening force. Meanwhile, while most of the west continues to dream of ‘world peace’, the forces of darkness gather momentum and magnitude just to the south.


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