Holy minister of Defense, Juan Manuel, president Uribe and the new head of the Army, Óscar González.

The Colombian president, Alvaro Uribe, ordered the new commander of the Army, General Óscar González, to capture the maximum heads of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (the FARC ) and recognized criminal.

“That the arms of the Republic arrive fast at Briceño (Jorge) that is known with the alias of ‘ Jojoy’ Monkey, that the arms of the Republic arrive fast at the other terrorist: to White (Alfonso, maximum leader of the FARC ) and to all its partisans “, Uribe expressed.

The governor also talked about to the main heads of the FARC and Pedro Oliverio Guerrero, alias “Knife” and to Daniel “crazy” the Barrier, two recognized and looked for criminal ones, leaders of paramilitary bands and the drug trafficking, that act in Level the Eastern ones of the country.

“That arrives fast at which it is of ‘ secretariadó of the terrorist group of the FARC (cupola), which they arrive fast at delinquents like Knife and the Crazy Barrier”, Uribe insisted. The agent chief executive therefore demanded it when taking part in the ceremony of recognition to the new commander of the Colombian Army in the Military school of Cadets in Bogota.

Uribe emphasized within the framework in the same intervention that those actions there is to make them “with effectiveness and transparency” and of the respect to the human rights. The president emphasized the work of the Armed Forces them of Colombia and indicated that “by that they want to enlodar the image”, of those institutions, the troops do not have to lose their spirit.

After assuming the control of the 280,000 men of the Army, general González considered that the institution lives a little while difficult by the investigations on “false positives” (murder of civilians presented/displayed as rebellious lowered in combats), but animated to surpass that situation. “I ask to Them all the commanders of units and brigades that are kind to any denunciation on abuses in the combat operations”, said the high official after indicating that few cannot enlodar all the institution.



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