Iran rules out Argentine officials’ accusations against Vahidi

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Iran rules out Argentine officials' accusations against Vahidi

Iran brushed off charges raised by Argentine officials against Ahmad Vahidi, the nominee for Defense Minister portfolio, and said Argentine officials’ stances are blatant intervention in Iran’s internal affairs.

Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hassan Qashqavi said: “We strongly condemn such an illegal move.”

“We recommend that, instead of playing a blame game and propaganda, try to identify real culprits of the terrorist attack that based on the documents and evidences available in Argentina, the main terror agents can be identified,” said Qashqavi in an address to Argentine government.

Qashqavi also stressed the need for paying attention to such legal principles as the principle of disavowal, non-intervention and respect to sovereignty of other countries.

He said despite its claims of launching wide-scale investigation, the Argentine judicial system has not yet been able since 1994 to prove or present even one legal-judicial document to courts to condemn Iranian diplomatic or military officials and diplomats.

He said the document presented at best by the Argentine prosecutor has been totally false testimonies and contradictory statements of certain members of the terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization (MKO) or other anti-revolutionary elements, who are themselves wanted by the International Police.

He added that Judge Juan Jose Galeano, in charge of investigating the terrorist attack, whose vain and unsubstantiated claims against Iranian citizens continue to serve as basis of scenarios of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman, has himself been condemned and dismissed on charges of corruption and receiving USD400,000 bribe.

He noted that the judge had had an outstanding role in elimination of reliable documents and evidences, which all testified secret deals with Zionists in the blast case, eventually leading to diversion of the case from its right path and leveling accusations against Iran.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Islamic Republic of Iran

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