Mexican Congress warns Iranian Ambassador

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Congressmen from both the PAN and PRI parties requested the Iranian Ambassador, Mohammad Hassan Ghadiri, and all his diplomatic entourage accredited in Mexico to respect Mexico’s internal affairs.

Rubén Camarillo (PAN) insisted they behave within the limits of all international treaties, respect the Mexican State and to not participate in issues and events outside their area.

“We know they – foreign diplomats- should be respected and given the same warranties we expect their countries to extend to our Diplomats

“Therefore, as long as the Ambassadors behave within these limits of mutual respect there should be no problems whatsoever” added Ca­marillo.

In additions, the PAN congressman requested federal authorities to keep a close eye on the Iranian’s Ambassador activities.

“We need to make sure he does not get involved with our internal activities” he added.

Carlos Jiménez Macias, (a Senator from the PRI), said some of his activities do belong to those expected from a foreign diplomat but, added, he should respect the limits established by law.

“And if he does interfere in internal affairs outside the scope of his mission, then we should act”

“We must understand his activities reflect the way he is, his own style” he added.

A few days ago the Mexican “Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores” (the equivalent5 to the State Department) called the Iranian Ambassador to warn him about the limits of his activities both as a foreigner in Mexico and as a Diplomat according to international law.

A spokesperson for the Chancellery said the Ambassador has been pressuring the country to make a pronouncement against the “voraciousness of the US”

Mohammad Hassan has been very active in the subject of oil and oil exploitation.


1) March 2008. The diplomat held meetings with members of CNTE (National Union of Workers for Education), where he talked about energetics.

2) July 2006: The Ambassador attended a conference about Islam at the Santa Ursula Prison

3) He maintains a close relationship with the leader of the Trolley Workers Union, Benito Bahena.

The diplomat has held meetings with the heads of the National Teachers Union -Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE) – and the Mexican Union of Electricians -Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas (SME)-, to discuss issues related to atomic energy in Iran.

Additionally, he has visited various jails to discuss the current situation in Iran and the position of women in Islam

Last Sunday he participated as an observer in the dialog about oil and oil reform in Mexico City.

In November 2007, the Ambassador tried to convince Mexican authorities to censor an art exhibition featuring works from a Moroccan artist.

The exposition, presented in Puebla, showed photo collages of women vaginas covered by images of Mosques.

“The chancellery informed the Ambassador it was not in our power to censor any art event”, informed the Mexican government.

Source: Periódico Reforma, printed edition, Sat, Aug 2, 2008.

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