President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday held a session of talks with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil on bilateral relations and means to develop them in addition to the latest regional and international developments.

The two Presidents underlined the importance of intensifying work by both countries' governments to boost up bilateral relations in all domains, particularly on the economic level to match up with the political relations.

They called for encouraging trade and economic delegations and businessmen to exchange visits and investments in addition to carrying out joint projects, particularly due to the large number of the Syrian community in Brazil that could effectively contribute to enhancing bilateral relations.

Presidents al-Assad and Lula da Silva also highlighted the importance of following up the implementation of the signed agreements between the two countries.

Possibility of Signing a Free Trade Agreement between Syria and the Mercosur Bloc Discussed

Talks during the meeting dealt with the possibility of signing a free trade agreement between Syria and the Mercosur bloc to lay the basis for a strategic partnership between the two countries as President Laula da Silva voiced support for Syria in this domain, particularly due to the fact that Brazil will head the Mercosur Organization next month.

The latest developments in the Middle East, particularly in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the importance of activating work to lift the siege imposed on Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation authorities and halting the Israeli daily attacks against sanctities, lands and citizens in the occupied territories were also on the table.

Ongoing In the Occupied Palestine and Iraq Are an Added Proof of the Importance of Work to Reach a Multi-Polar World

On the peace issue, President al-Assad briefed President Lula da Silva on the latest developments regarding the peace process and how the efforts exerted by Syria and other countries, particularly Turkey, have been hindered by obstacles put by Israel in the face of peace as it has proved that it is not serious over peace and doesn't want it.

President al-Assad considered that the latest Israeli attack against the Freedom Flotilla bound for Gaza carrying aid for the Palestinian people who are deprived of the basic necessities of life, and the repeated attacks against the Palestinians have exposed the real Israeli intentions regarding peace.

For his part, Lula da Silva voiced support of his country to Syria's role for achieving peace and readiness to work with Syria until achieving the just and comprehensive peace in the region.

He said all parties have to abide by the international resolutions and references, and no party should be above the international law, stressing that peace can never be achieved without dialogue with all the parties concerned.

The two presidents agreed that the on goings in the occupied Palestine and Iraq are an added proof of the importance of work to reach a multi-polar world where justice and the rule of law prevail, primarily by reforming the UN and the Security Council.

The two sides discussed the Iranian nuclear file. Presidents al-Assad and Lula da Silva considered that the sanctions on Iran will further complicate matters.

President al-Assad hailed the role of President Lula da Silva to reach the nuclear exchange agreement between Iran, Turkey and Brazil, stressing that the agreement was evidence that the diplomatic solutions are possible, and that Iran is serious in its intentions to reveal the peaceful nature of its nuclear program. He added that it is the other side who is stalling.

President Lula da Silva said the points of agreement were exactly what the US President Barack Obam requested from him and from the Turkish Prime MinisterRecep Tayyib Erdogan, and therefore returning to the UN Security Council and imposing sanctions on Iran after reaching the agreement was strange and incomprehensible.

The two presidents attended the signing of five agreements and memos of understanding to boost bilateral cooperation in health, agriculture and judiciary.

Official reception ceremonies were held for President al-Assad at the Foreign Ministry building. The two presidents reviewed the honor guards before the Syrian and Brazilian national anthems were played.

Later on, President al-Assad shook hands with Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim, Brazilian President's Senior Foreign Policy Advisor Marco Aurelio Garcia, Head of Middle East Department at the Brazilian Foreign Ministry Sarkis Karmirian and Brazil's Ambassador in Damascus.

President Lula da Silva shook hands with members of the Syrian official delegation accompanying President al-Assad.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem, his Brazilian counterpart Celso Amorim and the Brazilian Minister of Justice Luiz Paulo Teles Ferreira Barreto signed the agreements.

Following the meeting, the two presidents exchanged medals. President Lula da Silva granted President al-Assad the Brazilian Senior Medal, and President al-Assad granted President Lula da Silva the National Umayyad Medal of the Great Band.

In this regard, President al-Assad reiterated Syria's support to Brazil to attain a permanent seat at the UN Security Council along with a number of other African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Source: SANA


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