Diario Judío México - “It’s not the text, in English or Yiddish, that makes this production work. It’s the feel of the characters. In fact, if you just watch the actors, and let the show wash over you, you’ll get a lot out of it… In some ways, this is the most likable Waiting for Godot imaginable.”
-Julia Polinsky, TheaterScene.com,

“We may never know if Beckett envisioned that his most talked-about play would be translated into Yiddish in the 2000’s. But one thing is for sure: The playwright, who was notoriously protective about this renegade piece, would be proud.”
-Jed Ryan, Lavender After Dark

“Director Muszkatblit has assembled a strong quartet that delivers Beckett’s worldview with pathos, hitting exactly the right tone. Mandlebaum’s Gogo can let out a wail that mines the very heart of suffering; Rosen is his ideal counterweight. Together, they capture the pain and friendship of daily existence… The New Yiddish Rep, which staged a remarkable Death of a Salesman in 2015, has scored again. Its Waiting For Godot is intimate and emotionally raw — this version is not to be missed.”
-Fern Siegel, Travelers USA Notebook

“A terrific production down at the 14th Street Y. If you are intimidated by Waiting for Godot the reading (super-titles) actually helps a lot… and it is quite funny… The cast is extraordinary as well… if you’ve been afraid of Waiting for Godot now is the time to go!”
-Peter Filichia, Broadway Radio

“This is a Waiting for Godot that is closest to Beckett’s original intentions—a view of the world as poignant, heartbreaking, funny and ultimately futile.”
-Joel Benjamin, TheaterScene.net

“Catch this production, and you’ll swear the story was meant to be told in Yiddish, because the supertitles tell you what the actors say, but the Yiddish shows you how the characters feel.”
-Andrew Andrew, Opplaud New York

“Penetrating and intense… Beckett’s masterwork remains potent. Indeed, the play hammers an essential point and serves as a salient reminder that there are no saviors. As the truism—sadly of unknown origin—reminds us, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
-Eleanor J Bader, Theatre Is Easy

“… an intriguing new perspective on a familiar and well-worn play.”
-James Wilson, OffOffOnline

Vartn af Godot will continue to bring happiness to theatergoers of all religious — or nonreligious — persuasions”
-Mark Rifkin, This Week In New York

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