Diario Judío México - Letters to the Editor

When City Councils, such as the West Hollywood City Council, permit anti-Semitic movies to be shown in their city based on the premise that these movies are protected under the “freedom of speech” amendment is this not ludicrous? What exactly is their intention? What are they trying to promote?

The presentation of such deceitful and erroneous advertisement is what incites people to commit hate crimes, like the one yesterday at a (San Diego) synagogue. Not only is this in itself such a horrific tragedy, but even more tragic to learn that an Israeli woman from Sderot was killed in this shooting. How devastating that this woman, who left her home to escape living under such dangerous conditions being the recipient of constant rockets and terrorism by the Gazians, finds her life come to a cruel, violent end as she is murdered in the USA… the land where she hoped to find some safety and peace.

WeHo is not alone in their very poor decisions. The University of Massachusetts invited anti-Semitic speakers to their campus. They are not hiding the names of these Jew hate-filled speakers; Roger Waters, Sarsour, and Lamont Hill amongst others. These are well-known anti Semites. Waters for example takes every opportunity to try to stop performers from going to Israel. These humanoids are clear on their motivation, so why invite them? Why add fuel to the fire?

Last month, two North Carolina Universities opened their doors to Sarsour and Tamika Mallory, again savage anti Semites who provide no gain to the students. Various groups of women have disassociated themselves from them. Nonetheless, these universities host them as speakers….. what is their purpose?

Garbage printed by the New York Times with pervasive anti- Semitic rhetoric that obviously increases the level of permissiveness of ignorants to associate themselves with anti- Semitism. All of a sudden, we read that Jesus was a Palestinian….whatever that means. That, in fact, was printed – an outright lie from the newspaper, irregardless it was published.

Berkley is again adding courses that advocate how the non-existent “Palestine” would look without Israel.

Then you have the Democratic jew haters in the Congress, in the Senate, as well as in Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace {or better..Piss) and
J Street, et al.

Feinstein and 5 others want to restore money to the terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank. Five other Presidential candidates like Sanders, Booker, Harris, Warren Gillibrand etc. want to stop money for Israel and continuously blame Israel for the terrorists acts performed by the West Bankers and Gazans.

Let us not forget, of course, the 3 new nut-cakes in Congress…. Ilhan Omar, Occasio Cortes and Rashida Tlaib who were elected to act against Jews and Israel. How can this be so? Well, leave it to the helpers like JVP, CAIR, J Street and more.

We have the same story with the so called Green Party “managed” by an X-Jew named Stein who has also converted to Anti Semitism. Her hate is so virulent that she must agree with the destruction of functioning greenhouses/ nurseries left to the Gazans when the Israelis left. Remember, these settlers were forcefully removed by the Israeli government in an attempt to achieve peace. Of course, the Gazians destroyed them instead of making good use of them.

Therefore, this is not a 1- prong problem. It is a combination of multiple problems and the first way to stop it is to not allow anti Semitic speeches and performances ,especially where students can be misinformed and misguided.

It would also be worth it to tell the anti- Semitic Democrats to go to hell.

Pablo Nankin, MD