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How is it possible that Mel Gibson, hero of the anti-Semites is given a role to act as a Rothchild, (yes, they are disguising the name by misspelling it) even though he is an outright anti-Semite, son of a Holocaust denier? Regardless, the “holy than thou” producers give him jobs.

BDS’ Barghouti, puppet-master picked a number from his hat and said that tourism was low because of BDS’ efforts and that less than 5000 people will travel to during the Eurovision concerts. In fact, the expected number of people did go. Another 2019 fact is that tourism increased by 12% to date and 2018 totaled 4.1M. Of course, the BDS’ efforts of Barghouti and the aging demented Roger Waters failed to stop the appearance of Madonna et al.

His statement fell on its face, so he quickly changes his lie to… we won, it was not done in . Hey, by the way, it was never going to be in .

The older I get, the more I ponder… why do people believe things that are clearly not true but instead as sheep, they follow and it becomes reality to them?

Another example are the 2 new sociopathic congresswomen, Tlaib and Omar whose level of lying in Congress and to the people who elected them is expeditiously enormous and at the same time their believers accept their comments as dogma of their faith. Rashid claims that Palestinians helped Jews during the Holocaust. Sorry, there was no P then as there are none now. Thankfully, the Ottoman Empire followed by Britain were the rulers of these Arab areas and helped so that the Jews were not exterminated. However, Rashid and her lies are believed by the new anti-Semites of democrats who endorse them. Absolutely pitiful ! What was there, particularly in was a Nazi Mufti who collaborated with the Nazis to exterminate the Jews.

Even so, Rashid’s fables are accepted by the new creeps of democrats who endorse and believe these 2 ill-informed women. This is truly pitiful ! But then, what can be expected from these same Democrats who are against Jews/State of ?

If these people are taken in by lies of this magnitude, then you can understand why anti-Semitism is on the increase. It is always there, but when fueled by people like Rashid, it only worsens.

Aside from this, there is a new group of anti-Semites in Congress, who get away with bashing Jews/ again. What a horrific action by the Democrats who control the Congress to permit Omar Suleiman, an Imam, to deliver at a U.S. “House invocation last week” and “called a “monster” and Jews “terrifying.”

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