President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris seem to have prioritized their “commitment” to their voters, but certainly not to the entire country.

One of Biden’s new members of his task force, Dr. Zeke Emanuel, whose value is yet to be determined, is already in error as he prefers to give the Covid vaccine to other parts of the world before giving it to the USA. Emanuel also claims that it is wrong to give it first to seniors, considering that in wealthy countries the survival rate age is higher than in “not rich countries.” Emanuel also says that seniors in the usa have a greater survival rates so give it to others first.

New York’s Governor Cuomo also claims that he won’t allow the vaccine to be given in NY. “We can’t let this vaccination plan go forward the way that Trump and his administration is designing it.” He is one of the acolytes that Biden intends for his cabinet.

Of course, Communist & antisemitic Sanders and Warren will also be part of Biden‘s dysfunctional cabinet.

President Trump should be applauded for his incredible and speedy efforts and determination to secure a vaccine which is almost ready for use.

Biden’s first kiss and vow will be to the Iranian ayatollah, (remember Obama vowing to the K of Soudi Arabia) after all they are only guilty of terrorizing their citizens, abusing women, and giving money to terrorists such as Hezbollah and others. New developments have shown that Iran has been producing more Uranium than the amount permited by the UN.

Thereafter, Biden plans to a peace, Gazans and the west bankers another terrorist group that uses USA money to pay terrorism to kill or maim Israelis Jews or whoever is there that can be terrorized.
The Muslim Brotherhood has expressed the greatness of Biden and how would he help them achieve their terror causes.

Universities like San Francisco State University are preparing to pass BDS resolutions expecting that good boy Biden will permit any anti-semitic action.

Will see what the final vote shows but if it is Trump the winner we must be prepared to repudiate the BML Antifa and other militant groups who will most likely coordinate their actions with Biden.

Speaking of BLM they asking for compensation for their work helping Biden “win” the election. Demanding as well that they should follow the black liberation and the grassroots organizers. In other words lets divide the country with alleged racism.

Pablo Nankin, MD


  1. The person writing this article is biased. The information presented is not accurate. Another article that will divide instead of unite.

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