The Jewish “Woke people” want changes made to the oldest monotheistic religion, Judaism “And G_D told Abram (Abraham) you should circumcise”, you and your descendants in every generation. This is my covenant that you and your descendants must keep: Circumcise every male. You must circumcise the flesh of your foreskins, and it will be a symbol of the covenant between us"

Now, a reconstructive Jewish group named Bruchim alters the Torah decisions because they believe that they have the right to do so. I ask, as given by whom? This group has decided not to circumcise their children and in fact, has formed a support group. However, to clarify what that support actually is: it's not to help them understand its' meaning as Jews nor is it to understand the health benefits of circumcision, as for example, to protect against cancer of the cervix. As outlined below:


Implications of the available evidence Policymakers, program implementers, and researchers could explore these linkages further to ensure that the benefits of male circumcision for women’s health are fully optimized".
Study: Male circumcision protects women from STI’s, cancer
"Women should wield their “considerable power” to influence decisions to the males in their lives circumcised as he and his co-authors summarized"

This new trend adds to the numbers of self-hating Jews and the groups attacking Israel. An example is the Jewish Voice for Peace who infest our universities adding support to BDS solely to create more ANTISEMITISM.

Bds has it all wrong; they should be promoting peace by making sure their Palestinian brethren know what is necessary for that to happen. BDS needs to know who are the leaders with the insistence that they stop paying terrorists, so as to stop instigating terror. Clearly, the boycott should be against the Palestinians.

No one offers any names of those Palestinians who actually want to make peace, as they seem to think. Obviously, there has not been shown any clear desire by the Palestinians to achieve peace as that would entail the end of the wealthy ruling parties who receive and do not disperse the billions of dollars originally intended for the needy and the infrastructure. More importantly, how would they explain away Jew & Israeli hatred?

Recently, the teachers union 1913 in San Diego has drawn up an anti-Semitic resolution and got away with it due to the fractioned Jews and the relentless attacks by BDS and Students for Justice in Palestine. These are again supported by purportedly “ Jewish groups”.

Let's not forget the shameless ignorants like Ben and Jerry’s owners, who were just heard in an interview, excusing their actions in Israel based on lack of knowledge and wanting a 2 State solution thinking it would bring peace.

Additionally in Belgium, the Jews suffer from a perhaps lesser infraction by the lack of permission to have their ritual of food koshering.

Does this all remind you of the story of Paul (Saul) of Tarsus and his lessening of religious hardships?



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