The genius and craftiness of its people, of which both the Jewish people boast, is not only responsible for the emergence of the "Start-up Nation", as defined by a known book, but also for the design of a new conception on international relations: the supranational power.

Colonial powers of the past organized missions with their armies towards territorial conquest and domination all around the world. Generations later, imperialist powers concentrated benefits on their behalf through tentacles of multinational companies distributed on the four cardinal points. The supranational power of our time obtains economic and political benefits with greater elegance. It only requires the actions of citizens of other countries with enormous power of influence to interfere in the local political and economic decisions for the benefit of the supranational power with maintaining personal and emotional links on an ethnic basis.

For Israel, the main Jewish community organizations throughout the Americas, plus some individual countries, especially EE. UU, mainly represent the basis of an enormous power projects worldwide.

In a foolish and irresponsible political machination, instead concentrate solely on the local Jewish community, again the DAIA (Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations) are tempted to represent interests of Israel rather than leaving in the hand of Jerusalem diplomacy, solely responsible of the matter.

As is public knowledge, the resolution number 199 of UNESCO, entitled "Occupied Palestine" severely criticized Israel's conduct as "occupying power" in all territories conquered in 1967, by modifying, in contravention of international laws, the demographic and physical status of the region and limit or prevent free access to Muslim holy sites. Argentine representatives were part of the overwhelming majority that approved this resolution last April.

In a letter addressed to Chancellor Malcorra and personal interview with President Macri, expresses the DAIA, in his and the Jewish community name, "concern and discomfort by the decision taken by Argentina to vote affirmatively that resolution. This is to deny the historical and indissoluble link of the Jewish people with sacred places that the resolution is concerned".

The message DAIA commits two serious blunders. First, it appears that the Argentine Jewish leadership continues with blinders from Jerusalem. They give the impression did not pay attention that no country in the world recognizes Israeli sovereignty beyond the Green Line of 1967 and its international status in the West Bank is just the occupying power in the territory all destined for the future Palestinian state, except by future and mutual interchange agreement of the parties.

DAIA managers did not take enough in consideration that nobody disputed, nor the resolution refers, neither denies nor confirms, the historical linkage of the Jewish people or Christianity with specific sites in the region. The detailed report only lists the UNESCO criticizes regarding serious contraventions of Israel, according to international conventions, which prevent free access to Muslim holy sites or modify the building and physical structure. The Jewish claim to sovereignty over those territories only based on historical ties ignoring civil rights of native population, solely because of military supremacy.

If Macri is convinced by the arguments presented by DAIA, must necessarily be aware of the link between Judaism and Jewish colonies in territories of Argentina, historically indisputable fact. Under these conditions, probably in the fare future Argentines would be witness of the landing of Israeli soldiers in the region with the requirement of DAIA that this land belong to Israel and the Jewish people.

Undoubtedly, in this occasion, the prize for political naivety deserves to Ariel Cohen Sabban, president of DAIA. On leaving the last meeting with Macri, this Jewish leader and Argentine citizen tried to rely on a childish excuse for not being accused of dual loyalty or supreme loyalty to the State of Israel. Burying the principles of DAIA, without exception political representation of all Jews in Argentina, this time "clarified that the assessment before the president made it from the role as Argentines who profess the Jewish religion and not as representatives of the State Israel ". Cohen Sabban certainly think that Argentines have atrophied memory and they forgot the repeatedly expressed discomfort that DAIA and Jewish institutions against Argentina's recognition of a Palestinian state, Mercosur agreement with the Palestinian Authority and other similar circumstances.

Only a "dumb" or "bought" president could be convinced of the seriousness of media pirouettes from Cohen Sabban. President Macri is far from being silly, but surely his attention not escape from the significant economic and political benefits that may result to his country as a result of the intrusion of Jewish institutions in the US administration, simply because he decides to flirt and court with Israelis dominant and expansionist positions.

Recent experiences of countries like Colombia and Panama are a good example of a general mobilization of national, regional and global Jewish institutions to "oiling" Free Trade Agreements between US. States and those countries. Not by chance is ones of the few countries in the region that did not recognize the existence of a Palestinian state, or the presidents broadcast statements supporting Israeli rule in East Jerusalem.

Macri probably have in mind the huge potential of benefits in the golden age of the romance between Cristina Kirchner and the World Jewish Congress (Before Memorandum with Iran). As is known, "the president of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder, held "very good relations" with President Cristina Kirchner. In the previous trip of the President to New York, President Lauder gave a reception at the Museum of German and Austrian Art, a luncheon attended by all the Argentina delegation. They were also Israel's ambassador to the UN, many Jewish American bankers and investors organizations".

Undoubtedly, the healthiest attitude that could take DAIA and other Jewish institutions in the diaspora with local authorities is to focus on internal issues, leaving questions of the Middle East in the hands of Israeli diplomacy. That is their right and obligation. The persistence meddle in issues of international level in defense of Israel with its expansionist behavior promotes only in societies that surround the perceived unfairness of the community and hence the main reason for the disproportionate growth of anti-Semitic attitudes.

Since so extol “the only democracy in the Middle East”, probably Macri get carried away by one of the democratic principles of Avigdor Liberman, new Israeli Defense Minister. This is the slogan "No loyalty, no citizenship". If so, no one should be surprised by the proposal to remove in the future the Argentinian citizenship from leaders of institutions focused on foreign interests.

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