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We are just days from the presidential election which will be chaotic. If Biden loses, then BLM, ANTIFA, etc. will start claiming victory for the loser and begin a huge disruption of our lives. In fact, the City of Beverly Hills has increased the police force and has hired extensive security guards in preparation.

It is hard to fathom that this is actually happening in a democratic country that has everything good to offer for the people who love peace and liberty.

I don’t know how clear it is what Biden and Harris are suggesting. You can be sure they are proposing more taxes, socialized medicine (which affects its’ quality for sure), disruptions, and violent demonstrations to continue.

What about Biden’s Covid ideas? He certainly knows how to “blame the other guy”. I haven’t heard him say how he will handle it. Perhaps he doesn’t wish to “spill the beans”. It is apparent that other countries as well are not exactly sure what path to follow to be totally rid of it.

Is it not apparent how Biden changes or forgets what he previously stated? For campaign purposes, he denies that he had severely opposed fracking for oil.

As for foreign policy, who knows? It doesn’t seem like he has any ideas except for reopening here the “palestinian” liason office.

He will be friendly to China and under their power. By the way, the best anti-Biden proclamation has been by Putin stating that he wants Biden to win as both share many of the same ideas; e.g. socialism. Isn’t that cozy?

As for our relations with Israel, Biden will go along with the extremist Jewish antisemites like J Street or Jewish Voice for Peace. I also recall that the ADL’s previous director Foxman endorsed him and their new head Greenblatt is also a leftist and an acolyte of Obama.

Saudi Arabia has stated that peace with Israel will happen depending on the winning candidate. You ask why? Simply because, if Biden wins, he will not promote peace. Rather, he will condition every move so that Israel complies with the anti-Israel countries’ views like a 2 -state solution.

In fact, if it were to happen, there must be 3 states as Gaza is not going to be a PLO puppet.

The same holds true for Sudan and perhaps the Emirates. If they don’t play along with Biden’s and Harris’ ideas, then unfortunately the just-created peace will disappear.

Talking about role models in a president, Biden’s family certainly cannot be included.

Pablo Nankin, MD

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