Another celebrity gets into the vicious circle of antisemitism. Before taking sides with terrorists and bashing a country or a people, normality would be to familiarize yourself with the subject matter at hand. However, or her manager/agent will use any type of publicity to get her in the news. Perhaps, that way, she will be remembered. A famous person can influence a multitude of followers to take a strong stance without fully educating herself nor them. Ms. Watson’s decision to publicly vocalize on social media her pro-Palestinian position can be both dangerous and very misleading. Verbalizing her decision to support the Palestinians without having knowledge of the situation between Israel & Palestine potentially influences others to further foster antisemitism.
I am speaking of the Jewish State of Israel, which has become her target without the decency to get to know Israel first-hand and see their level of education and humanity in the treatment of others. Then she could visit Gaza and areas ruled by the “president-for-life” Abbas. How do they treat their own people?
It has been made obvious that the Palestinians or at the minimum, the terrorist organizations ruling them do not want peace. Decades have demonstrated this including attempts made by the Presidents of the U.S.
Watson is not interested in learning the truth or seeing the reality nor hearing the meaning of their horrific chants of “pushing Israel into the sea”. It makes no difference to her as long as she can “stand out in the crowd”.
is now associated with designated terrorist groups like Hamas, etc., and persons such as the ones governing the Palestinian areas (yes, there are 2). One is where the ruling party is Hamas, which continually attacks Israel with rockets, the last one being on Jan 2, 2022. Do you recall May 2021 when they fired thousands of rockets to Israel? In retaliation, the Israelis attacked back, but prior to doing so, the Palestinians were advised which building will be hit, so people could evacuate. Now if that’s not decency, I don’t know what is. Please, Emma, check the facts.
I still don’t understand what is Gaza’s problem as there is not one Jew living there anymore.

In the Palestinian areas, you have a real incompetent bum who has ruled for 17 years instead of 4, he has given billions of dollars to terrorists ordered to kill civilians and rewarded with all that money as well of course “12 Virgens”. Think back to how many British and Americans have been killed by the P terrorists, the numbers are scary.

You have acted with a nice Jewish young man, Radclife. Did he look strange to you or perhaps too Jewish or just proud to be Jewish, which I am sure bothered you to no end?
You also know that J.K. Rowling loves Israel; is it because she is dumb or rather due to the fact that she has enough understanding and gray cells to decide right from wrong. In fact, even your first love was Tom Felton, a Jew. How did that happen? How can you still believe the Palestinians when they show people being injured or die, yet when they think the videographers have gone or suddenly abandoned by their companions, they get up from the stretchers and walk away?
Are you aware that the Palestinian children are taught to hate and learn erroneous information such as that Israel does not exist as shown in their maps?
Sheikh Jarrah The properties are owned by Jews, the non paying tenants are Palestinians. After years of free rent, the court ruled in a very fair way. However, as per usual, the Palestinians didn’t like it.

You are still young enough to become wiser and believe in what is the real truth, not in what is now a soap opera done in horrifically bad taste, that of antisemitism.

Pablo Nankin, MD

J.K. Rowling’s new novel, a villain is an Israel-hating anti-Semite
‘Harry Potter’ author, who has been vocal in her criticism of bigotry, has seemingly incorporated her views into ‘Lethal White,’ the latest in her Cormoran Strike mystery series

As Hollywood celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter film, is back in the limelight – but not for her acting.

By Pesach Benson, United With Israel

Actress , best known for playing Hermione Granger in the series of Harry Potter movies, threw her support behind the Palestinians with an Instagram post published on Monday.

The post featured a photo of a pro-Palestinian rally in which people held signs saying “Free Palestine,” “Hands off Jerusalem” and “Save Sheikh Jarrah.” Overlaid over the image were the words, “Solidarity is a verb.”

WATCH: The Real Story Behind the Violent Riots in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jar…
Here’s the real story behind the violent riots in Sheikh Jarrah that have made headlines around the world.

It was accompanied by a message quoting Sara Ahmed, a British-Australian scholar whose area of study includes critical race theory, feminist theory and postcolonialism.

Ahmed’s quote, sent to Watson’s 64 million Instagram followers, said, “Solidarity does not assume that our struggles are the same struggles, or that our pain is the same pain, or that our hope is for the same future. Solidarity involves commitment, and work, as well as the recognition that even if we do not have the same feelings, or the same lives, or the same bodies, we do live on common ground.”

It also tagged an Instagram account by the name @badactivistcollective, which describes itself as “A collective of change-makers, artists, story-tellers and activists dismantling perfectionism & fighting for liberation for people & the planet.” That account has 32,9000 followers.

As of mid-day Tuesday, Watson’s post has more than 428,000 likes.

Watson is also known as a feminist activist. According to Ynet, her Instagram account is reportedly run not by the actress herself, but rather by “an anonymous Feminist Collective.” Ynet noted, however, that it is unlikely the post would have been run without Watson’s approval.

The post led to a flood of people commenting by repeatedly typing the letters PS or IL, the internet country codes designated for the Palestinian Authority and Israel respectively.


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