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Diario Judío México - In the Los Angeles area, classes in Yiddish language for adults at various levels of instruction as well as about Yiddish culture are available through the following institutions:


There are a number of opportunities to learn Yiddish in the comfort of your own home, often at your personal convenience.

Yiddish Language Newspaper

Language Tools

  • Yiddish Pasekh + Keyman Desktop
    Comprehensive keyboard, discounts for educators and/or students.
  • Yiddish on the Computer
    The rubegoldbergeray chart includes several tools which are readily available to help with web page creation.
    A convenient On-Line reference to the character contents of the Unicode UTF-8 for Yiddish.
    Free Phonetic Yiddish Keyboard. Directions for download and installation are listed on the website.

Yiddish Expressions

Yiddish Audio (and Video) Sources

    Stories by top-notch Yiddish writers, with downloadable texts in PDF format and recorded readings in “real” (native) Yiddish is available On-Line.
  • The Yiddish Voice
    Home page for The Yiddish Voice, a Yiddish-language radio show serving Boston’s Yiddish-speaking community, and a Yiddish Internet resource page.
  • LA Yiddish Culture Club
    Numerous recordings of past programs with some of the leading figures on the LA Yiddish cultural scene on a host of topics ranging from Yiddish theater to dramatic poetry readings. Lovingly edited and uploaded by CIYCL Board Member and former ABC Audio Engineer/Editor Joyce Tamara.
  • The Sheyn Show
    with actor/conjurer and Director of the Congress for Jewish Culture Shane Baker.

Yiddish Community List Serve

  • Mendele
    Mendele has been a very useful and interesting forum in a wide variety of aspects of Yiddish language and literature. You might ‘lurk’ in the archives to see what has been asked, answered, argued.

Conferences and Courses

  • Uriel Weinreich Program in Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture
    The Uriel Weinreich Program in Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture of Bard-YIVO Institute for East European Jewish History and Culture offers peerless instruction in the Yiddish language and an in-depth exploration of the literature and culture of East European/American Jewry. The core of the program is an intensive, 4-credit language course (at one of three levels-elementary, intermediate, or advanced) that meets five days a week and is designed to develop proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing, as well as cultural literacy.
  • Ot Azoy
    Summer Yiddish intensive whose main focus is music held annually in UK
  • Vilnius Yiddish Institute summer program in Yiddish
    Yiddish language taught at 4 levels. Afternoon cultural programs and field trips.
  • Klezkanada
  • Yivo-Bard Institute
  • The Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer Program at Tel-Aviv University
    Intensive Yiddish instruction at five levels. Language instruction will be supplemented by an afternoon program of lectures, conversation workshops, tours, and by evening cultural and social events.
  • Yiddish Farm Summer Program
    The Yiddish Farm Education Center is a Shomer-Shabbos organic farm in Goshen, NY that hosts Yiddish educational programs with the goal of teaching Yiddish and fostering unity and respect between Hasidic and non-Hasidic Jews. Program participants experience Yiddish-language immersion while also learning about organic and sustainable agricultural methods.
  • Yiddish Vokh
    Annual retreat for Yiddish speakers of all ages.

Yiddish Music and Theater

The Yiddish Music Hall
The Yiddish Music Hall is designed to serve and support all Yiddish Music enthusiasts, students and performers. A site dedicated to Yiddish Music lovers.

Mike Burstyn Documentary Website
“The Komediant,” the award winning documentary about Mike Burstyn’s family, his mother Lillian Lux and their history in the Yiddish theatre.

Ari Davidow’s Klezmer

An interactive database of Jewish song.- YIDDISH – HEBREW – LADINO.

Hatikvah Music — the largest selection of Jewish music, and especially Yiddish music, in the world. CDs available for purchase.

Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre
Visit the Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre to learn more about Yiddish Theatre.

Yiddish Books and Literature On-Line and For Sale
Archive of the Polish National Library, containing a multitude of digitized rare Yiddish books. – National Yiddish Book Center

Yiddish Poetry (Includes):

  • The Yisroel Shtern Project
  • The Yossel Birstein Project
  • Anthology of Yiddish Poetry Between the World Wars
  • Post-War Yiddish Poetry
  • Contemporary Yiddish Poetry

Discussion Groups

  • Yiddish Teachers
    This is a place for Yiddish teachers of all levels to share resources and support each other: materials, ideas, songs, questions, answers.
  • Oxford Yiddish 2001
    The alumni of the Oxford Institute’s 2001 summer program encourage the study and perpetuation of Yiddish language, literature, and culture.
  • Shmues
    A mailing list for people wishing to use and learn the Yiddish language.The aim of this mailing list is to provide Yiddish learners from all over the world with a forum where they can try out and improve their linguistic skills by interacting with one another or with other fluent Yiddish speakers over the Internet.
  • Klezmorim
    The purpose of this group/list is to help the promotion of klezmer and Jewish Music. It was created in order to ease the making of announcements and initiating discussions about the music.
  • Jewish Folklore
    This group is devoted to the study of folklore and ethnology of Jews around the world. The group invites announcements of conferences, publications, and special events as well as discussions of issues relating to Jewish folklore and ethnology.
  • Yidish-Loshn
    A forum for students of the Yiddish language. A place to converse in and about Yiddish, founded in January 2001 by Leybl (Lee) Goldberg, Yiddish teacher at the District of Columbia Jewish Community Center (DCJCC) in Washington, DC.
  • Yiddworld
    The new and improved version of the former egroup known as “Yiddland”.
  • European Jewish History & Culture
    Eyropeyishe Yidishe Geshikhte, Religion un Kultur is a mailing list for the discussion of Jewish religion, culture and history in Europe.

Other Yiddish-Related Websites

Some other key jewish informational site

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