The consequences of the Second World War strengthened the nations that already had an international presence in the political sphere, centered on the economic sphere.

On the other hand, it could be said that greater fears to the ways of thinking were consolidated. For example, the communist ideology that achieved its expansion during the decades following the war, until its disintegration in 1991.

Liberal countries, always against communism. They waved flags of denial to their way of thinking, which sought the common good. Their slogans provoked hatred and intolerance to this ideology, but above all, to what they considered as negative to the world democratic order. Designated as oppressors, authoritarians, undemocratic, punishers and oppressors of freedom; the communists, would be remembered like that, marked by separating the world (ideologically speaking) by its regime, which despite everything, worked for years.

In recent months, in Poland, the “Law on the Polish Holocaust” was approved by a majority in the Senate of that country and ratified by President Andrzej Duda. The latter states that the law serves to preserve the rights and dignity of the Polish people, as well as the historical truth that, distorted, shows the people as the inciters of extermination.

The Nazi presence in this territory was encouraged by their expansionist desires and control (power) over easily submitted nations. To point out atrocious facts, excited by an invader, would be to tell the truth; however, the story told by the victor, points without asking and justifies its truth. How many years did Poland have to carry an imposed truth that, for its people, was probably uncertain.

Perhaps it is this, the reaction of people, to years of erroneous accusations or, the beginning of a confrontation of thoughts of disagreeing with the imposed history. Just look, the return of conservative and extreme-right parties that extol their nationalism and identity in many European nations.

Surely and feasibly, if these nations are the return of authoritarianism, we will face new attempts at intolerance of multiculturalism that we hope will be extinguished by those who try to preserve identities without affecting others.

Let the facts mark their history once more and let us judge with impartiality the actions taken by these countries. Respect their ways of thinking but judge bad actions. Everything depends on us.