Welcome to Shalom Life’s 2nd annual JILF list. Over the next 5 days, we will take the time to embrace (not literally, unfortunately) the 50 most beautiful Jewish women in the world.

We understand that beauty is oft times indescribable, inexpressible, and ineffable, and always in the eye of the beholder. Some people focus entirely on physical attractiveness, while others delve a little deeper, finding attraction in intellect, talent, personality, and a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Therefore, selecting 50 women that perfectly encapsulate all that is considered beautiful might seem like a daunting challenge. Fortunately, there are countless Jewish women that fit the description, making it nearly impossible to narrow it down, but after a lot of consideration, we think we nailed it.

Allow us to present 2013’s JILF list, starting with #50-41.


Age: 25

Hometown: Randolph, Vermont

Known for: Mad Men, United States of Tara, Girls, and being David Mamet’s daughter.

Why she’s a JILF:  For someone that was restricted from watching television as a child, Zosia has grown up to become a fan favorite on a number of hit shows. Whether she’s a progressive lesbian activist with a little crush on Peggy on AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ or the infectiously adorable Jewish New Yorker, Shoshanna, on HBO’s ‘Girls’, Zosia has an undeniable charisma and talent that makes you addicted to watching her. Her mother, actress Lindsay Crouse is a Buddhist, while her father, famous American playwright David Mamet is Jewish. Going against tradition, Zosia has chosen her dad’s religion, proudly identifying with the Tribe.


Age: 38

Hometown: Livingston, New Jersey

Known for: E!’s Chelsea Lately, After Lately, and Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea?

Why she’s a JILF:  Chelsea was born to make people laugh. The youngest of six children to a Mormon mother and Jewish father, Chelsea was raised in a suburban Jewish community in New Jersey. As a child, she felt like an outsider, joking that she “lived in this nice Jewish neighborhood… everyone had Mercedes’ and Jaguars, and I was going to school in a Pinto.” After graduating high school, Chelsea moved to L.A to pursue an acting career, but soon decided stand-up comedy was more up her alley after a class of fellow offenders found her DUI story hilarious. Chelsea started performing in the L.A area at comedy and nightclubs, and soon landed a gig on Oxygen’s Girls Behaving Badly. Since then, Chelsea has released 4 best-selling books, hosted the popular late night show Chelsea Lately, and created two other TV shows After Lately and Are You There Chelsea? She was named one of Time’s Most Influential People, has starred in Hollywood films including Fun Size and This Means Wars, and is set to release a spoof of the popular book series 50 Shades of Grey called 50 Shades of Chartreuse: This Time It’s Personal.


Age: 27

Hometown: New York, New York

Known for: Tiny Furniture, Girls, Pro-Obama ad ‘My First Time’

Why she’s a JILF:  Born and raised in New York City, Lena is the daughter of pop art painter, Carroll Dunham, and photographer/artist Laurie Simmons. Raised in a creative and progressive-minded household, Lena was always encouraged to express her opinions artistically. Always utilizing her unique ability to combine humour, sarcasm, and wit with important social and political issues, the Girls creator has encouraged a dialogue among her generation and beyond. Through Tiny Furniture, Girls, her active Twitter account, and upcoming book entitled ‘Not That Kind of Girl’, Lena exposes and normalizes issues often considered taboo such as body image, mental illness, and female sexuality. In just a few years, Lena has proven that she truly is a “voice of her generation”.


Age: 27

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California

Known for: The Amanda Show, What a Girl Wants, She’s The Man, Easy A

Why she’s a JILF:  Many people reading this might think that Amanda Bynes is a strange choice considering her current situation. She has accumulated several arrests, is considered by many to be losing her mind, and has retired as an actress to become a judgmental Twitter personality, spending her days calling public figures “ugly”. All this may be true, but underneath it all, we like to remember and celebrate the Amanda that made us all laugh and beam ear to ear in Hairspray, She’s The Man, and Easy A. Putting aside the current predicament she’s found herself in, Amanda has impeccable comedic timing (which she mastered at comedy camp at age 7) and a sincere charm that cannot be faked. Let’s put gossip aside for one day, and hope that 2013 becomes the year that Amanda rediscovers her artistic roots, even if it is through her upcoming Waka Flocka Flame-produced rap album.


Age: 26

Hometown: New York, New York

Known for: Juno, The Wackness, Dredd 3D, Nobody Walks

Why she’s a JILF:Born and raised in New York, Olivia has impressed both critics and fans with her rare combination of Shakespearean theatre training and modern, if not avant-garde, sensibilities. Her big break came in the mega indie hit, Juno, where she starred as Ellen Page’s quirky best friend, Leah. Over the last 5 years, she has gone on to appear in over a dozen films including The Wackness, No Strings Attached, Nobody Walks and Dredd 3D. Beyond her remarkable acting chops, Olivia recently participated in iO Tillett Wright’s Self-Evident Truths Project, a photography project that focuses on people who consider themselves “anything but 100 percent straight.”


Age: 31

Hometown: Milton, Massachusetts

Known for: Saturday Night Live, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, House of Lies

Why she’s a JILF: Jenny’s comedy career began while attending Columbia University where she formed the improv group, Fruit Paunch. During this time, she met Gabe Liedman, who later became one half of her comedy duo, Gabe & Jenny. In 2009, she joined the cast of SNL where she was best known for impersonating celebrities including Kristen Stewart, Ashley Olsen, Lady Gaga, and Olympia Snowe. After being famously “let go”, Jenny has escalated to super-stardom with her animated viral video hit Marcel the Shell With Shoes on, roles in Bored to Death and House of Lies, and her current gig writing the screenplay for the upcoming Looney Tunes feature adaptation.


Age: 36

Hometown: New York, New York

Known for: All My Children, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Grudge, The Ringer

Why she’s a JILF:  Raised in Manhattan, Gellar was born to Jewish parents. Her career started at the age of 4 when an agent spotted her at a restaurant, encouraging her to audition for a TV movie. She landed the role, and went on to appear in various TV shows, films, commercials, and print ads. Her big break came while starring on All My Children and winning a Daytime Emmy for her portrayal of Susan Lucci’s long-lost daughter. She has since appeared in countless successful shows and films including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I Know What You Did Last Summer (where she met husband Freddie Prinze Jr.), The Grudge, and Cruel Intentions. Look out for her next in CBS’ new sitcom The Crazy Ones, a single-camera show about an advertising agency co-starring Robin Williams.


Age: 43

Hometown: Westminster, England

Known for: The Mummy, The Constant Gardener, The Fountain, Oz: The Great and Powerful

Why she’s a JILF:  Rachel is not only an extremely talented actress and gorgeous, but also highly opinionated & intelligent. Growing up, her parents wanted to encourage independent thought, so they would often engage in family debates. Since then, she has voiced her opinion about Botox and plastic surgery (“it should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen. Acting is all about expression; why would you want to iron out a frown?”) and turned down an acting gig at the age of 14 to star alongside Richard Gere. Since then, almost three decades have passed and Rachel has established herself as one of the most versatile actresses working today, with roles ranging from Penelope in The Brothers Bloom to Dr. Marta Shearing in The Bourne Legacy to Evanora in Oz: The Great and Powerful.


Age: 36

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Known for: Clueless, Batman & Robin, The Kind Life

Why she’s a JILF:  Alicia first won us over with her portrayal of Cher Horowitz in the cult hit Clueless in the 90’s. She went on to appear in other classics including Batman & Robin, Excess Baggage, The Babysitter, and Miss Match. More recently, Alicia has been an avid advocate for organic, healthy, vegan living with the release of The Kind Life, a book and website dedicated to green living. Most recently, Alicia made news with the launch of Kind Mama Milk Share, a controversial initiative connecting moms lacking breast milk with those that have excess.


Age: 28

Hometown: West Deal, New Jersey

Known for: High School Musical, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, Sons of Anarchy

Why she’s a JILF:  Ashley began her musical career at Monmouth County’s Jewish Community Center (JCC) appearing in Gypsy and The Sound of Music. At the age of 3, her current manager discovered her at a mall and placed her in more than 100 national commercials. By the age of 8, she was cast in Les Miserables and later performed for Clinton at the White House. But most of us didn’t know who she was until she played Sharpay in the ridiculously popular High School Musical series. After reprising her role of Sharpay in a straight to DVD film, Ashley has switched her focus to her blossoming music career, although she stills finds time to voice a character on Phineas & Ferb and prove her Disney days are in the past with mature roles in Sons of Anarchy and Left Behind alongside Nicolas Cage.



Age: 42

Hometown: Cairo, New York

Known for: Labyrinth, A Beautiful Mind, Requiem For a Dream, Hulk


Why she’s a JILF:  Born in the Catskill Mountains to a Roman Catholic father and a yeshiva-educated Jewish mother, Jennifer accidentally fell into a childhood career after a family friend suggested she begin modeling at the age of 10. As they say, “the rest is history.” She got an agent almost immediately, covered national magazines and print ads, and even recorded a few Japanese pop songs. Jennifer gained widespread recognition as Sarah in Jim Henson’s cult-hit Labyrinth. That was almost 30 years ago. The gorgeous brunette and human rights advocate continues to wow audiences by tackling a wide variety of roles. From Marion in Requiem for a Dream to Alicia in A Beautiful Mind to Kathy in Little Children, Jennifer has demonstrated impressive versatility, strength, and emotional authenticity. Look out for her in 2014’s Noah.



Age: 24

Hometown: Jerusalem,

Known for: Israeli TV series (Adumot, Screenz, Mishmoret), World War Z


Why she’s a JILF:  Daniella is being described as one of the luckiest women in the world. Within what seems like minutes, she was catapulted onto the Hollywood stage from seemingly humble beginnings on Israeli TV. But we don’t chalk her recent rise to fame up to mere luck… Daniella has untapped, raw talent. Brad Pitt saw it, World War Z audiences saw it, and now rumor has it that the Academy might acknowledge it as well. Be sure to catch her as Segen, a young IDF lieutenant assigned to protect Brad Pitt’s character in World War Z, and then wait in anticipation for this Israeli beauty to take over international cinema, starting with the upcoming horror flick AfterDeath.



Age: 38

Hometown: Ramat Aviv,

Known for: Acting, modeling, and being solely responsible for the entertainment bridge built between Hollywood and


Why she’s a JILF:  In , Noa’s name is synonymous with fame. In essence… she is the Jerry Bruckheimer or Steven Spielberg of the Holy Land, only a little more attractive. Noa began her career as an actress in Israeli soap operas and films, but soon discovered the influence she could have internationally, and the subsequent impact she could make in her native country. She was the first singer to release an English-speaking album in Israel, and with her production company (Noa’s Arc) sold Israeli show BeTipul to HBO, which became the highly lauded In Treatment. Noa continues to produce and sell adaptations of Israeli shows to an American market, is a member of the American Public Affairs Committee, and a co-founder of the digital activism group Act For Israel.




Age: 24

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Known for: X-Men: First Class, Californication, After Earth, being the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet


Why she’s a JILF:  At only 24, Zoe has proven that she’s far more than the product of a Hollywood romance. Landing her first acting role while in high school, playing a baby sitter to Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character in No Reservations, Zoe has since appeared in over a dozen films including X-Men: First Class, Beware the Gonzo, and After Earth. Like her famous father, Zoe does not limit herself to one entertainment field. She has modeled for Vera Wang and Alexander Wang, and been featured in fashion magazines including Venus Zine and Elle. Not only is she a successful actress and model, she also fronts the New York band, Elevator Fight. Check her out next in the indie drama The Road Within and the highly anticipated film adaptation of young adult novel Divergent.



Age: 29

Hometown: Safed,

Known for: Being the first shomer Shabbos and shomer kashrut model.


Why she’s a JILF:  Born and raised in a religious family in Israel, Chava attended a Jewish all-girl’s school and dreamed of one day becoming an attorney. Her natural beauty attracted an agent while 16-year old Chava was traveling to London, who offered her a modeling contract. She initially refused the offer, explaining that she was religious and wanted to complete high school. The agency loved her so much that they agreed to wait until she turned 18 and completed her Sherut Leumi (IDF service). Chava could have become an international success a la fellow Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, but she refuses to work on Shabbat or pose in swimsuits due to her belief system. That being said, Chava has no regrets. She has worked for huge fashion houses including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent, and most importantly, has managed to earn a living while maintaining her faith and integrity.


Age: 27

Hometown: New York, New York

Known for: Harriet the Spy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl


Why she’s a JILF:  Born in Manhattan, Michelle is the daughter of German and Russian Jewish immigrants. She began her acting career at the age of 3, starring in a detergent commercial. She went on to star in over 100 commercials until she landed her first roles on Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete & Pete and soap opera, All My Children. Her breakthrough role was 1996’s feature film Harriet the Spy, but she didn’t become a household name until landing the role as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s little sis on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Until last year, she played Georgina, the character you loved to hate on Gossip Girl, and can next be seen in feature film The Scribbler.



Age: 37

Hometown: Muscat, Oman

Known for: Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Great Gatsby


Why she’s a JILF:  Isla was born in Oman to Scottish parents, and raised in Australia. Although she was not born Jewish, Isla went through three years of religious study in order to marry Sacha Baron Cohen. She took the Hebrew name, Ayala, and now keeps Shabbat. Isla started her acting career in Australia on popular TV shows Bay City, Paradise Beach, and Home and Away. At the age of 18, she published two successful teen novels, Seduced by Fame and Bewitched. Since leaving Australia, she has starred in numerous Hollywood films including Wedding Crashers, Definitely Maybe, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and most recently The Great Gatsby and Now You See Me.



Age: 34

Allow us to present 2013’s JILF list. Catch up on #50-41 and #40-31, and then check out #30-21 below.



Age: 37

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Known for: I Love You Man, The Puppets, Parks and Recreation

Why she’s a JILF:  Rashida is the daughter of the famed Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. Although daddy was Christian, her mother was Jewish, so Rashida attended Hebrew school as a child. Rashida was considered a child prodigy of sorts. From a very young age, she was an avid reader, played classical piano, and orchestrated music. Immediately after graduating from Harvard, she landed an acting role in a mini-series called The Last Don. Rashida has been acting consistently since, with roles in many popular TV shows and films including The Office, Parks and Recreation, I Love You Man, The Muppets, and The Social Network. If you missed Celeste and Jesse Forever (in which Rashida co-wrote the script) with Andy Samberg last summer, we suggest you promptly correct that mistake.


Age: 39

Hometown: Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Known for: Wet Hot American Summer, The Hunger Games, Role Models

Why she’s a JILF:  Elizabeth was raised in a Christian household, but converted to Judaism for her sportswriter husband, Max Handelman. As a child, she was very athletic; horseback riding and baseball were her favs. After breaking a leg sliding into third base, she decided to audition for the school play for a change of pace. A passion for acting was sparked and she never looked back. Elizabeth’s breakthrough role was in 2005’s 40-Year-Old Virgin. Since then, she’s appeared in countless popular comedy films including Wet Hot American Summer, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Role Models, and Our Idiot Brother. Earlier this year, Elizabeth admitted that she hasn’t officially converted to Judaism, but “I’m already doing everything [practicing religious rituals’, I feel like I’m Jewish as I’m ever going to be.” Look out for her later this year when she reprises the role of Hunger Games character Effie Trinket in sequel Catching Fire.


Age: 41

Hometown: Southfield, Michigan

Known for: Cruel Intentions, Hellboy, Anger Management

Why she’s a JILF:  This Hebrew School hottie attended a Hillel day school in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Selma moved to New York originally to pursue a career in photography, barely surviving and living at the Salvation Army. Although she landed an agent really quickly, she didn’t get any roles beyond commercials and the odd indie flick until 1999’s Cruel Intentions. That role (and more memorably her award-winning kiss with Sarah Michelle Gellar) put her in the spotlight and the parts starting rolling in. Selma appeared in dozens of mainstream movies in the 2000’s including Legally Blonde, The Sweetest Thing, Hellboy, The Fog, and Hellboy II: The Golden Army. She was recently fired (very publicly) from Charlie Sheen’s FX comedy, Anger Management, for speaking ill of the actor’s work ethic to friends, but rumor has it that she’s intending to reprise her role in the upcoming Hellboy now… so perhaps everything happens for a reason?


Age: 38

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Known for: Exotica, The L Word, 24, Defiance

Why she’s a JILF:  Mia is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and the daughter of Canadian Jewish News journalist, Sheldon Kirshner. Mia began acting professionally at the age of 15, landing a role in Love and Human Remains. Immediately afterwards, she starred in the critically acclaimed Atom Egoyan film, Exotica, as a young stripper. Mia gained international popularity as Jenny Schechter on Showtime’s The L Word and Isobel on The Vampire Diaries. In 2005, Mia founded the I Live Here Foundation dedicated to telling the stories of silences and unheard people around the world. A supporting book entitled I Live Here, which provided a platform for refugees and displaced women and children of Burma, Juarez, Chechnya, and Malawi to share their stories was critically acclaimed, leading M.I.T to invite Mia to lead a 4-week course and Los Angeles Hebrew High to include it in their regular curriculum. Mia currently stars on SyFy’s Defiance.


Age: 27, 24, 21

Hometown: San Fernando Valley, California

Known for: Their band’s unique blend of folk and 90’s R&B styling’s, garnering international success without having released a full-length album

Why she’s a JILF:  Sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim have been playing music together as long as they can remember. Raised in “the Valley”, the girls were in a family band that played local charity events called Rockinhaim with their Israeli-born father Mordechai on drums and mother Donna on guitar. Danielle and Este went on to play together in the Valli Girls, an all-girl group inspired by female greats. Although the band was signed to a major label, it didn’t feel right without their baby sister. All 3 girls formed Haim, released the EP ‘Forever’ and are now adored the world-over. Their debut full-length album is planned to drop in September, but the girls have already wowed audiences and critics with their multi-instrumental prowess, unique combo of folk rock and 90’s inspired R&B, and raw energy at performances at SXSW, opening for Mumford & Sons, and their headlining tour.


Age: 23

Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

Known for: The Vampire Diaries, Hannah Montana, 17 Again, Black & Jewish music video

Why she’s a JILF:  Born in Geneva, Switzerland to a Liberian father and Jewish mother, Katerina was raised mostly in Los Angeles. Although she attended Hebrew School. Hebrew is not her second language. She speaks English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and “some” Hebrew. At the age of six, she began acting in commercials for popular brands including Barbie, Pop Tarts, and K-Mart. At 15, she was scouted by a choreographer to be a background dancer for lil’ Bow Wow at the BET Awards. She obviously impressed the right people because she went on to dance in videos with Pharrell, Justin Bieber, Usher, Nelly, and many more. After guest starring on a number of primetime and Disney channel shows, she landed a lead role on The Vampire Diaries as Bonnie. Katerina garnered a ton of viral appeal with the release of music video parody Black and Jewish, where she paid homage to fellow musicians that were of black and Jewish ancestry. Look out for her debut album dropping later this year and her debut single Power premiering on July 23, 2013.


Age: 25

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Known for: Thirteen, The Wrestler, Across the Universe, The Ides of March

Why she’s a JILF:  Evan does not have any Jewish blood, so to speak, but describes herself as Jewish. Her father is Christian and her mother is a Jewish convert. Evan began acting at the age of 7 in several made-for-television films and as an occasional guest star on American Gothic. She started to land small film roles, but didn’t breakthrough in Hollywood until cast in 2003’s Thirteen alongside Nikki Reed. Wood is known for her edgy look, style, and personality and shocked media when she announced her engagement to shock rocker Marilyn Manson. The couple has since split, with Evan instead deciding to marry actor Jamie Bell at the end of last year. Evan always takes on challenging roles including Running with Scissors, King of California, The Wrestler, and The Ides of March. Catch her next in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, A Case of You, and the most important role of her life; being a new mom.


Age: 31

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Known for: Cloverfield, Mean Girls, True Blood, Bachelorette

Why she’s a JILF:  Lizzy was raised in a Reform Jewish family in Los Angeles. Her first passion was music, initially planning to pursue a career in piano, but later switched her focus to acting. Lizzy got her TV debut on Judd Apatow’s Freaks and Geeks playing Jason Segel’s girlfriend. Lizzy gained more attention in 2004 when she starred in the cult-hit, Mean Girls, as the alternative-styled Janis Ian. Lizzy went on to star in Cloverfield, My Best Friend’s Girl (with Kate Hudson), and The Pitts. You might also remember Lizzy as Jason’s girlfriend on True Blood or the druggie comedienne on Party Down. Look out for Lizzy this September on Showtime’s new show Masters of Sex where her and Michael Sheen co-star as 60’s human sexuality pioneers Masters and Johnson.


Age: 39

Hometown: Beit She’an,

Known for: Former model, current member of Knesset for Yisrael Beiteinu

Why she’s a JILF:  Orly has been named the sexiest woman in politics by a number of publications… but we believe she’s one of the sexiest women in the world, regardless of vocation. Starting her career as an Israeli model and television host, she later switched her focus to law and politics. Orly is a member of Knesset of Yisrael Beiteinu and is currently the chairman of the committee for children’s rights. Orly is also a mother of three, residing with her family in Kibbutz Mesilot.


Age: 34

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Known for: Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Glee

Why she’s a JILF:  Kate is the daughter of actors Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, but she considers Kurt Russell to be her father since her parents divorced shortly after she was born. Often compared to her mother, Kate has starred in numerous comedic films, often as a quick-witted, gregarious, blonde bombshell. Her breakthrough role was in 2000’s Almost Famous playing the role of Penny Lane. She has since starred in over a dozen films and most recently guest-starred on FOX’s Glee as Cassandra July, Rachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) dance teacher at the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts.



Age: 27

Hometown: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Known for: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Thor, 2 Broke Girls

Why she’s a JILF:  Raised in Philly by Jewish parents, Kat was home schooled and graduated from high school early at the age of 14. Kat began her acting career in commercials, but her breakthrough role was on an episode of HBO’s Sex and City, playing a 13-year old who hires Samantha to be her publicist for her Bat Mitzvah. Kat continued to guest star on various TV shows, and made her feature film debut in Hilary Duff’s Raise Your Voice. Kat went on to become an indie darling, starring in Charlie Bartlett, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and Daydream Nation. She currently stars in the hit sit-com 2 Broke Girls, and will reprise her role of Darcy in Thor: The Dark World.


Age: 25

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Known for: Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, The Twilight series

Why she’s a JILF:  Nikki was raised without religion, but considers herself Jewish. Her father is Jewish, while her mother is Cherokee and Italian, giving Nikki that unique exotic beauty. Nikki moved out at 14 years old, residing in various apartments throughout L.A. During this time, she co-wrote the indie hit ‘Thirteen’ co-starring Evan Rachel Wood. Nikki dropped out of high school, citing mothers sneaking into her school to confront and harass her about the film as the reason. She eventually graduated through home schooling. After the success of Thirteen, Nikki landed several large roles including Lords of Dogtown, The O.C, and eventually The Twilight Series. Nikki and her husband Paul McDonald have co-written and recorded several hit songs. Look out for Nikki in upcoming features Pawn, Snap, and Empire State.


Age: 30

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Known for: Winner of Last Comic Standing, Host of Excused

Why she’s a JILF:  Iliza was born and raised in a Jewish household in Dallas. Her passion for comedy and inherent sensibilities were discovered at a young age. Iliza participated on her high school’s Improv Team, performed with ComedySportz in Dallas, and was a member of Emerson College’s campus comedy sketch group called Jimmy’s Traveling All Stars. After graduating with a film degree, Iliza moved to Los Angeles to pursue comedy full-time. She quickly gained popularity as a member of the Whiteboy Comedy group, won MySpace’s So You Think You’re Funny contest in 2007, but didn’t gain national fame until beating out all the guys in season six of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, making her not only the first female to win, but also the youngest contestant. She is currently the host of the reality dating show, Excused.


Age: 30

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Known for: Community, Mad Men, The Five-Year Engagement

Why she’s a JILF:  Alison was raised in Hollywood by divorced parents, a father who attended a “Christian-Hindu hybrid church” and Jewish mother. Alison’s mom “would always make sure we knew we were Jewish,” and in fact, Alison began acting onstage at the Southern California Jewish Community Center. After graduating from the California Institute of the Arts, Alison pursued a professional acting career. Before landing her first TV gig as a minor role on Hannah Montana, Alison worked as a clown at birthday parties, which helped to perfect facial expressions and comedic timing. The world starting noticing Alison as Trudy Campbell on AMC’s Mad Men, but she didn’t attain the insane fan base she currently boasts until snagging the role of Annie on Community. Listen for her next as the Mermaid in 2014’s The Lego Movie.


Age: 26

Hometown: New York, New York

Known for: Spring Awakening, Les Miserables, Glee

Why she’s a JILF:  Lea was born in the Bronx to an Italian Roman Catholic nurse and Spanish-Sephardic Jewish deli owner. Lea began acting on Broadway at the age of 9 as Young Cosette in Les Miserables. She went on to star in other Broadway hits including Ragtime, Fiddler on the Roof, and Spring Awakening. Lea gained international success when she was cast as Rachel Berry in Fox’s Glee. Her role as Rachel has won her countless awards, Billboard hit singles, and the chance to sing ‘America the Beautiful’ at the Super Bowl. Listen for Lea’s beautiful singing voice is the upcoming 3D animated film Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return as the lead role of Dorothy.


Age: 36

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Known for: Entourage, Thundercats, The Mentalist, The Borgias

Why she’s a JILF:  Emmanuelle was born to Moroccan Jewish immigrants in Montreal. She was raised in Toronto in a Sephardic Orthodox Jewish household. Shortly after finishing high school, Emmanuelle relocated to Vancouver to pursue acting. She landed roles in Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Once a Thief, and Psi Factor before getting her first Hollywood film part in Detroit Rock City. Her big break came in Adam Sandler’s You Don’t Mess With the Zohan when she played a Palestinian immigrant living in New York. She went on to be featured in several music videos and feature films, and has guest starred on some of TV’s biggest shows including Entourage, The Borgias, The Mentalist, and Thundercats. She currently lends her voice to Paige, a main character on Tron: Uprising.


Age: 32

Hometown: Jerusalem,

Known for: The Black Swan, V For Vendetta, Closer, Star Wars

Why she’s a JILF:  Natalie was born in Jerusalem to a long line of Israeli citizens and Eastern European immigrants. The family moved to the U.S when she was 7 where she attended Jewish day school. She speaks Hebrew fluently. At the age of 10, Natalie was scouted to be a model, but turned down the offer to pursue acting. When she was 13, she landed the lead role in Leon, dropping her surname Hershlag and adopting Portman. She received critical acclaim for her role, and has been acting consistently since. Some notable roles include Star Wars, Garden State, Closer, V for Vendetta, and The Black Swan, which earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Natalie is an ardent vegan and activist for animal rights. Last summer, Portman got married to The Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied in an intimate Jewish ceremony in Big Sur, California. The couple and their son, Aleph, recently relocated to Paris after Millepied was named director of the Paris Opera ballet. Watch out for Portman in Knight of Cups and Jane Got a Gun.


Age: 40

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Known for: Shakespeare in Love, Iron Man, GOOP Blogger

Why she’s a JILF:  Gwyneth is the daughter of Bruce Paltrow and Blythe Danner, making her half-Jewish and half-Quaker. She recently discovered that she comes from a long line of Rabbis, which was explored on the popular TV show, Who Do You Think You Are? Gwyneth began acting in the early 90’s, but did not gain international recognition until her very public relationship with Brad Pitt. Although the union made people aware of her name initially, her talent made it stick. She won an Academy Award for her role in Shakespeare in Love and has starred in countless films over the last 20 years including The Royal Tennenbaums, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Running With Scissors, and Iron Man. Gwyneth is also well-known for her blog, GOOP, and a few cook books.


Age: 31

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Known for: The O.C, Jumper, Hart of Dixie, How I Met Your Mother

Why she’s a JILF:  Rachel comes from a long line of Jewish film biz relatives including directors, editors, and screenwriters. Her mother is an Italian-American sex therapist. Rachel began playing piano after a terrible car accident that essentially knocked some sense into her. Following her father’s advice, she decided to pursue an acting career. After several commercials and a couple guest roles on popular teen shows, she landed the gig on The O.C in 2003. She was only supposed to appear in a couple episodes, but audiences adored Summer Roberts, so she was written in as a main character. Known for her unique sense of fashion style, Rachel has appeared in various clothing campaigns and magazine spreads. Rachel currently stars on Hart of Dixie and can be seen next year in The To Do List.


Age: 30

Hometown: Paris, France

Known for: Beginners, Inglourious Basterds, Now You See Me

Why she’s a JILF:  Melanie was raised in a Parisian Jewish family of both Ashkenazi and Sephardic descent. Immersed in arts from a very young age, she didn’t begin her acting career until the age of 16 when Gerard Depardieu approached her to appear in his film. Melanie went on to star in several critically acclaimed French films in which she’s won many awards and nominations. She was quite unfamiliar to American audiences until 2009 when Quentin Tarantino cast her as Shoshanna Dreyfus in Inglourious Basterds. Melanie released her debut singing album in 2011 entitled En T-Attendant, co-written and co-produced with Damien Rice, and continues to act in both American and French films. She recently starred in Now You See Me, and can be seen this fall co-starring with Jake Gyllenhaal in An Enemy.





Age: 30

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Known for: The O.C, Jumper, Hart of Dixie


Why she’s a JILF: Rachel comes from a long line of Jewish film biz relatives including directors, editors, and screenwriters. Her mother is an Italian-American sex therapist. Rachel began playing piano after a terrible car accident that essentially knocked some sense into her. Following her father’s advice, she decided to pursue an acting career. After several commercials and a couple guest roles on popular teen shows, she landed the gig on The O.C in 2003. She was only supposed to appear in a couple episodes, but audiences adored Summer Roberts, so she was written in as a main character. Known for her unique sense of fashion style, Rachel has appeared in various clothing campaigns and magazine spreads. Rachel currently stars on Hart of Dixie and can be seen next year in The To Do List.





Age: 38

Hometown: Beit She’an,

Known for: Former model, Current member of Knesset for Yisrael Beiteinu


Why she’s a JILF: Orly has been named the sexiest woman in politics by a number of publications… but we believe she’s just one of the sexiest women. Starting her career as an Israeli model and television host, she later switched her focus to law and politics. Orly currently serves as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset of Yisrael Beiteinu. Orly is also a mother of three, residing with her family in Kibbutz Mesilot.





Age: 22

Hometown: Tel Aviv,

Known for: Supermodel, Sports Illustrated, Twelve


Why she’s a JILF: Esti comes from a family of Jewish architects and engineers. In fact, her grandfather was part of the original planning and construction of Zahala Tel Aviv.  Esti began acting in commercials at the age of 8, and got signed to international modeling agency Elite at 14. Over the last 8 years, she has modeled for global brands including FCUK, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, and Castro. Esti was also featured three years running in the famous swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.  Esti still lives in Tel Aviv and is a patriotic Israeli, recently finishing her service and even speaking out against fellow supermodel Bar Refeali for choosing not to serve.





Age: 31

Hometown: Haifa,

Known for: Israeli supermodel, Crash, Deal or No Deal, The Next Three Days


Why she’s a JILF: Moran was born in to parents of Moroccan Jewish descent. She first made a name for herself in Israel, when at the age of 15, she appeared on the youth show Out of Focus. Moran intended to serve in the Israeli Forces, but was diagnoses with meningitis at 17. Instead, she pursued a modeling career in Italy and Germany, eventually becoming Roberto Cavalli’s model. Moran has since received the title of Miss Israel, appeared as TV host on ’s version of Deal or No Deal, and landed roles in American films including Crash and The Next Three Days. She currently stars as Diana’s girlfriend, Christie, on White Collar.





Age: 25

Hometown: New York, New York

Known for: Phantom of the Opera, Poseidon, Shameless

Why she’s a JILF: Emmy was raised in New York to a single Jewish mother. After singing Happy Birthday in all 12 keys, Emmy was asked to join the Metropolitan Opera’s Children’s Chorus at the age of 7. She performed with the choir for 5 years singing in over 20 different operas in 6 languages. Emmy’s TV debut came in 1997, making a guest appearance on Law & Order. Over the next few years, Emmy continued to guest star in various TV shows, films, and TV movies. Emmy gained international success after landing the lead role in the film version of Phantom of the Opera. She has since starred in many feature films and released a few modern and classical albums. Emmy currently stars as the raw, emotional, intelligent, and sexy Fiona on Showtime’s Shameless.




Age: 26

Hometown: Rosh HaAyin,

Known for: Israeli Model, Former Miss Israel, Fast & Furious


Why she’s a JILF: Israeli-born Gal Gadot is best known to American audiences as Gisele Yashar in Fast & Furious and Fast Five. She won Miss in 2004 and went on to represent in the Miss Universe beauty pageant. In 2007, she participated in Maxim’s “Women of the Israeli Army”, focusing on models that served in the IDF. Gal continues to model internationally and has appeared in several Hollywood pictures including Date Night and Knight and Day. She recently appeared in the popular, yet extremely controversial, ad campaign for Castro clothing, deemed “pornographic” by members of Knesset.





Age: 26

Hometown: Hod HaSharon,

Known for: Supermodel, Pick Up, House of Style, DiCaprio’s Ex


Why she’s a JILF: Bar was born on an Israeli horse ranch. Her mother was a popular model in the 70’s, getting Bar into modeling at less than a year old. Bar required braces at a child, which put her modeling career on hold until she was 15. Luckily, since then she’s become of the world’s most recognizable faces. Bar has appeared in fashion campaigns, fashion magazine covers, music videos, TV commercials, and won various modeling and fashion awards globally. In the mid-2000’s, Bar received a lot of media attention for being in a 4-year relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. One nationalist organization in even sent her a letter asking for her to not marry a non-Jew for the “future generations of Jews.” Last year, Bar and Dudi Balsar launched Undeez, a high-end online underwear company.





Age: 25

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Known for: Glee, I Am Number Four, Burlesque


Why she’s a JILF: Dianna was born to Jewish parents in the beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Before moving to California at the age of 9, she was subject to anti-Semitic bullying in school. Since moving to the west coast, Dianna has won the hearts of adorers worldwide… and attended Hebrew school and had a Bat Mitzvah. She started her acting career with guest roles on Shark, CSI: NY, Numbers, Veronica Mars, and Close to Home. Most of us know Dianna as high school cheerleader, Quinn Fabray, on Fox’s Glee alongside Lea Michele. Dianna continues to act in feature films, but has also become known for her activism for animal rights and is set to host the GLAAD Media Awards this summer. Also, look out for her in 2013’s Famous.





Age: 28

Hometown: Paris, France

Known for: The Dreamers, Casino Royale, Kingdom of Heaven, Womb


Why she’s a JILF: Eva was born to a Jewish mother and Swedish father in Paris. Although the French beauty doesn’t identify with any religion, she’s so irresistibly gorgeous that we needed to include her on the list. Eva has a twin sister who she describes as very different from herself. At the age of 14, she decided to pursue an acting career against her mother’s wishes. Eva’s mother was an actress as well, and feared that acting might be too much from her sensitive daughter. After gaining her mother’s support, Eva attended drama school in both Paris and New York, performing in several stage plays until Bernardo Bertolucci discovered her in 2002. He cast Eva in the controversial Dreamers and deemed her “so beautiful, it’s indecent.” Eva struck American audiences as a Bond girl in Casino Royale, and has since appeared in many popular Hollywood and indie pictures. Look out for her as the seductive witch, Angelique Bouchard, in Tim Burton’s upcoming Dark Shadows.


And the #1 Hottest Jewish Woman is…





Age: 35

Hometown: Haifa,

Known for: Architect, Biologist, Designer, Engineer


Why she’s a JILF: Neri is the perfect combination of intellect, social activist, innovator, and beauty. Born in Israel, Neri is currently the assistant professor of media arts and sciences at the MIT Media Lab. As an architect and designer, Neri’s group is responsible for how digital design and fabrication technologies mediate between matter and environment to transform between the built and natural environments. Neri was named one of ICON’s most influential architects to shape the future and was selected as one of their 100 most creative people. Her work is part of MoMA’s permanent collection, and has been exhibited in Boston, France, Beijing, and New York. Neri’s work has earned many nominations and awards, and her mind continues to take the world by storm on a daily basis.


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