Belgium just suffered one of the worst possible attacks on their freedom and way of life. A youngster was accosted by several Muslims who made the crying kid kiss their feet, and of course, there were also blows to the kid’s head. So much for maturity, honorability, and humankind. https://www.juf.org/News/tmpl-juf-link.aspx?id=443618
While this is happening, cities in Belgium have dedicated efforts to malign Israel and Jews by not protecting them and
a part of the problem is the acceptance of antisemitic groups as well as BDS supporters.
The Belgian city of Verviers has cut ties with the Israeli apartheid regime to “strengthen its support for the Palestinian people,” the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) as reported earlier.

On Monday, April 24, the Belgian city of Liege became the latest city in Europe to join the boycott of Israel. The city council of Liege decided to suspend its relations with the Israeli authorities, accusing them of running a regime of “apartheid, colonization and military occupation.”

The majority of the city council voted for the resolution, which called for the suspension of ties with Israel until its “apartheid regime” puts an “end to the system of violations of the rights of the Palestinian people and fully respects the obligations imposed by international law and various United Nations resolutions.” Acknowledging the lies  of Nakba (mass displacement of Palestinians) and Palestinia.

The Netherlands made the principled decision to prohibit the two leaders of Samidoun, husband and wife Khaled Barakat and Charlotte Kates, from entering the country, hence preventing them from attending the rally. The reason given is that both are very closely connected to the PFLP, named as a terrorist organization by the EU. Belgium, by stark contrast, is turning a blind eye to rising antisemitism and the promotion of terrorism.

Some Belgian politicians in the ruling coalition actively support the PFLP; the minister of Overseas Development has donated millions of euros to political NGOs closely tied to the PFLP for many years. The rot is deep.

Pablo Nankin, MD.

The EU must ban Samidoun following its Brussels Jew hate fest – opinion

“Europe must save Belgium from the antisemitism that is eating it up,” says Maram Stern, Vice President of the W…

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  1. Excelente analysis.
    Sin embargo falta la explicacion de la causa. Invariablemente el argumento retorna a la falta de dignidad y de entereza politica. Es mucho mas facil doblegar las manos a la violencia, y la asedia con amenasas que confontar el problema. Me parece que el pais ha sido conquistado y cuanto antes aceptemos que es una extension islamica en el concepto del Califato, y tal vez seria prudente alertar al publico para evitar viajar a este lugar

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