Dear President Biden
 I read that you may be coming to Los Angeles and as part of your entourage or dinner guests are Clooney and 2 other actors.
 I suggest that you don’t invite Clooney. His wife Amal has made it clear that she is anti-Israel and fully supports the “Palestinians”.
We don’t need any more people speaking negatively and without merit about Israel.
“Clooney Foundation for Justice, a group dedicated to “a world where human rights are protected and no one is above the law,” according to its website.”
The very name of her foundation is hypocritical in itself   What about justice for the victims of this war perpetuated by Hamas on Israel?  How did Israel or Netanyahu break the law?
If you want examples of violation of human rights, look at Qatar, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon to name only a few. 
As regards other countries, here’s another example  BREAKING News:10 people murdered and around 160 women and children kidnapped after an attack by the Islamist terrorists from Boko Haram against Kuchi village in the state of Niger in Nigeria. Look at so many countries in Africa killing their people.
 Thank you
 Pablo Nankin, MD