Re: Item 29
I think you are correct, you should support the Palestinians; I mean the Arab people who live west of the Jordan River and also the other group who live in Gaza under the rule of a designated terrorist group called Jamas (in Spanish) or Hamas (English).
Bien sabemos que ustedes son los educadores de millones de ninos a los cuales you must present the truth. I congratulate you for that.
I believe that you should now send a group to Israel to determine if Israeli education is up to par. Look at their Geography books with respect to the areas above and you will find that Israel's educational system is as important to them ( and as regards the truth) as it is in the USA.
Let's take a visit to Gaza ( by the way, not one JEW lives there for about 20 years). It was never/nunca an independent country or state. It wasn't since the Ottoman days nor while it was part of Egypt until 1967. After that Gaza became a haven for terrorists, and enemies of democracy, peace, and progress.
Why would their government want peace if they receive billions of dollars a year for doing nothing, apart from killing Israelis, Americans, and others.
Afterward, we will travel to Ramallah (where Abbas lives yes the person that mays suicide bombers and assassins to kill Israelis and others) and look at their schools and what the children are taught, to be sure it's not the truth or reality. They are taught that there is no Israel according to them. No hay Israel para esta gente Israel.... no existe.
As regards the millions of refugees, who move because of repression, you are surely speaking of Latin America or Africa, correct? Porque si hablan de el Middle East, the so-called "Refugees" have been in that position for decades thanks to Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan which don't want them as citizens. You ought to be helping them be a part of the nation to which they really belong for decades, Jordan.
Ademas, como gente que educa tienen razon. The USA shouldn't arm Israel?  After all, if Israel wouldn't have arms like the Iron Dome then U.S(we share with Israel) will be vulnerable to attacks. But then, if Israel can't defend itself, let us say, from 4000 rockets, then it will be destroyed y a quien le importaria? Visit and then understand the facts.
Item 51 (Rahaf Othman)
Of course, what you are battling for is truth and fact as told in the never real news?
Today our busy schedules will take us to the Israeli jails to visit all the children that are abused? I think not. Actually, we ought to go to the 100s of charitable and government-sponsored organizations, centers, schools, senior centers, etc, where kids and adults are helped in their daily life, you will see a great mix of people of all ethnicities, races, religions. We will visit the Knesset where you will see the most diversified members certainly in the entire middle east.
Me encanta que van a ensenar la historia y cultura de el area, seguro you are going to teach that all this area was part of the Ottoman Empire and that was the name of the area. After that, I think the books say 1917 that the area became a British protectorate with the mandate to create a Jewish state. Of course, gracias al Petroleo no se hizo ese estado, el cual acabo costando 6 MILLION de vidas, in part thanks to the Mufti of Jerusalem, a Hitler lover and a Jew-hater.
In 1961, when I visited Israel for the first time/primera vez, el area de ocupada por Jordania era como un pecebre/establo and all the synagogues had been destroyed. Of course, Jews were not allowed in.
So many others are being marginalized and their numbers decreasing because of their killing or removal from their lands such as all over Africa and you meantime choose to pick on the only country where minorities continue to grow, e.g. Christianity.  Thank you very much.
By the way, remember to check the Arabs' textbooks about the "Abram Accords",
although doubtful you will find anything.
As I am sure/seguro,we will be traveling soon to paradise (Israel). I will stop now. I could refer to you to excellent books like the "History of the Jews".
So, please let us all teach the truth so we can see the world with clarity and honesty.
Pablo Nankin, MD
PS. Of course, you will mention with pictures and affidavits the true displaced people/humans in Africa or Latin America where they die of starvation or by terrorists.


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