Definition of fight to contend in battle or physical combat especially to strive to overcome a person by blows or weapon.


What is happening? It seems that we have lost the significance of upholding truth and morality and positive values.
Have we lost the ability to decipher the intended meaning of a statement ?

Do we immediately dispense of people without a second thought? Are we being led by power or fear?

Gina Carano’s post on social media makes a comparison of Capitol riots to pre-Holocaust. I do not detect any antisemitism in such. On the contrary, it’s a forewarning of the worst possible scenario.

Lucas films, however, quickly opposes her post and immediately fires her from The Mandalorian (a Star Wars film). Was that decision made because it was an excuse to get rid of her or what point is Disney trying to make? Remember, they also disapproved when she tweeted (in support of Trump) that the election process must be cleaned up to avoid voter fraud. So I ask again, is this the objective of “Cancel Culture?” Opinions, particularly those that are political, are no longer accepted or considered valid and are being censored. It seems that we are being castigated gently now, if you will.

Schwarzenegger compared the Capitol riots to what occurred in Austria, as described to him by his family as a child post WWII. If the new pattern prevails, his comparison should have been condemned. However, since Schwarzenegger is now anti - Trump, his opinion is allowed without any repercussions unlike the case of Carano. Plain and simple, what happened in Kristallnacht is a disgrace to the entire human race! The Austrian and German neighbors helped deface hundreds of businesses and caused horrendous deaths all because they were Jews.

I don't remember any NY uproar when Chelsey Handler made her antisemitic commentary and other actors were in agreement.These celebrities were never fired nor censored.

The anti-Semitic Mel Gibson was still contending for an Oscar last year instead of being forever shunned by Hollywood.
It is also more than disturbing that Nancy Pelosi speaks out praising criminal conduct in the street riots, "The fight must be taken to the street."

Senator Jon Tester (D. Montana) says the way to beat Trump is "to punch him in the face". Is this normal for someone in government to speak? Is it acceptable to condone violence?

Biden, during his speech at the University of Miami, says he would have loved years ago at school to take Trump behind the gym and beat him up. What president talks like that? Again an example of a high level official - the President of the United States no less, condoning the use of violence.

What about congresswoman Maxime Waters...... “Take Trump out tonight” ...... we all know the aggressive undertone of this message.

Pocahontas, Menendez, Kamilla Harris, etc. using words like we are in this fight all the way; fight of our lives. What is the definition of “fight” ? See above. Again, a reference to violent measures.

While the BLM was at its peak and cities were being destroyed and people were encarcerated, the current VP Harris actually helped with their bail.

The world gone Nuts!

Pablo Nankin, MD


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