What happened to President Trump and “Settlements”?

Diario Judío México - What suddenly happened to President and “Settlements”?

The Civil Administration, also known as COGAT, got to the new President.

COGAT does not think that Jewish communities are important to Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

COGAT lets all heads of state know that.

COGAT lets all pro lobby organizations know that.

COGAT, working in coordination with the left wing think tank INSS and with the Peres Center for Peace, acts as the functional representative of the security and Defense establishment, effectively ruling the Jews and Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, by military edict.

Most importantly, COGAT has developed its own foreign ministry, communicating to all foreign consuls based in Jerusalem and Ramallah, acting on policies that have never been approved by the government or Knesset or the courts in .

Communications of COGAT reach the heads of state around the world much quicker than ’s own foreign ministry.

COGAT expresses enthusiastic support for the PLO state in formation in Judea and Samaria.

COGAT express continuous endorsement for the stability Hamas regime that has ruled Gaza since 2007.

All this, despite the fact that both the PLO and Hamas remain in an active state of war with Israel.

Even worse. COGAT uses its power to strengthen UNRWA, whose budget has tripled in 10 years to 1.2 billion dollars, while continuing to promote the right of return by force of arms to Arab villages which existed before 1948.

COGAT has lobbied both the US and Canada to continue to streamline support for UNRWA, with no conditions whatsover.

COGAT enthusiastically supports PBC and the PA education system with no constraints, even though both entities have proven themselves to be shofars of virulent anti-semitism.

COGAT encourages all foreign nations to donate to UNRWA without constraints.

COGAT also oversees the economic development of both the Hamas and PLO entities, aiding Israeli businesses to profit from the Arab sector as “economic peace”.

COGAT turns a blind eye to the fact that Hamas, for one, has used its economic aid to fully prepare children and adults throughout Gaza for the next round of war.

COGAT turns a blind eye to the fact that the PA education openly indoctrinates all Palestinian Arab children to engage in a war to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine, by force of arms.

Perhaps the unkindest cut of all is the untold amount of COGAT officials who have developed their own businesses with Hamas and the PLO, immediately they leave public service and, too often, while they are still in uniform.

If there is anyone interested in commissioning a carefully documented study of the indiscretions of COGAT, drop a line to: [email protected]

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