The Influence Of The Cult Of The Palestinians On American College Students

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In my last article I pointed out the similarities between the cult developing around Trump in the Republican Party and the cult developing around Hamas and the Palestinians in American universities.  Each one involves the submersion of one’s individual sense of self into a larger collective self and the submersion of one’s capacity to leave individual imprints into an outlet that allows a person to exert a more powerful influence in the external world by merging his force with those of many others into a larger collective imprint.  Both cults are ways of overcoming the sense of impotence a person feels as a result of the growing presence of modern technology and the concomitant growing sensations of numbness as a result of the growing encroachment of the experiential vacuum that is generated by modern society.

The focus of this article is the growing force of the Palestinian presence on college campuses: a phenomenon which is quite new in American society.  And basically, it is my belief that among all the other behavioral expressions that I have connected with numbness and the experiential vacuum should now be included the submersion of the individual sense of self into the collective sense of self of Hamas and the Palestinians and the enveloping movement that they have created.

And just as in the past, I have conflated the attempts to fight off numbness by giving up one’s individual sense of self in the cult of Trump with other attempts to fight off numbness such as opioid addiction, mass murder, suicide, and cyber-bullying, so now I would like to add to the list, giving up one’s individual sense of self for the cult of Hamas and Palestine.

Like an opioid addiction, one can see on the television news how the behavior of all of the pro-Palestine demonstrators expresses a distinctly drug high or alternately a sense of discontent, that somehow things are not going right around one.  But whether it’s a high or a low, the behavior in both instances seems a bit forced almost like an intense craving.

The intense cult of Hamas and Palestine is similar to the mass murder defense against numbness in that, if it could, it would very easily go ahead and wipe out both the Israelis and the Jews.  And to the extent that the cult is a reflection of Hamas philosophy, there is a sense that many of these people would gladly give their lives for their cause.  Remember, Hamas places no intrinsic value on human life, including its own members.  Much like suicide victims, these cult members, these zombies, in many cases find that placing oneself in danger as in police aggressively challenging them in their encampments or future employers erasing them from the list of prospective future employees and thus placing them in a kind of economic death is the kind of ultimate kick to pull a person out of numbness and the experiential vacuum.

Many of the Hamas and Palestine cult members embrace the consequences of their protests: namely the fact that they are being blackballed by many major corporations with regard to their prospects for future employment, namely they are condemning themselves to the prospects of economic isolation and, by extension, a certain amount of social isolation.

Now there have been studies that indicate that one of the major contributing causes to Parkinson’s disease is also social isolation.  As people spend greater and greater amounts of time immersed in the screen reality experiences of movies, television, video games, computers, smartphones, and tablets, they are spending less and less time in the kind of primary experience social interactions that tend to fight off social isolation.  So they are leaving themselves open to the kind of intense numbness that contributes not only to Parkinson’s disease, but other kinds of neuro degenerative diseases as well.  And although participation in a cult like that related to Hamas and the Palestinians generates a kind of intense abrasive stimulation that is good at pulling these college students temporarily out of their numbness, in the long run, if present participation in this cult is going to lead to being blackballed in terms of work after they leave school, it means that they are going to enter a kind of social isolation that just might lead to their contracting some neurodegenerative disease in the future.

In today’s world, people bounce back and forth like a yoyo between understimulation and overstimulation in their attempts to develop a stabilized middle level of stimulation to approximate the intensity of stimulation they experience when they are living in a traditional natural environment that is full of organic stimulation.  The cult of Hamas and the Palestinians is just one more tool in the tool box, as it were, to achieve this end.

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