Tan "sólo" 45 años de trabajo presentan una traducción completa del talmud en inglés realizada por el Rabino Adin Steinsaltz quien tradujo todo este tratado del arameo al inglés y a hebreo moderno ofreciéndolo finalmente en línea sin costo alguno.

Consulte el Talmud en línea, gratis: http://www.sefaria.org/texts/Talmud

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You Can Now Read The Whole Talmud Online - For Free

Lilly Maier


Given that it’s is one if not the most essential Jewish texts, the Talmud can be surprisingly hard to come by. But not anymore: The Jewish start-up Sefaria just released a free digital version into the public domain.

The William Davidson Talmud is an edition of the Babylonian Talmud with parallel translations into English and Modern Hebrew.

The interactive online version of the text is also interlinked to major commentaries, biblical citations, Midrash, Kabbalah, Halakhah, and an ever-growing library of Jewish texts.

And you can also use it beyond Sefaria’s website. The Talmud was published with a Creative Commons non-commercial license, which means that it is part of the public domain and everyone can use and re-use it, as long as you don’t make money from it.


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